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Diary of an Almost Cool Girl - Book 1: Meet Maddi - Ooops!: Volume 1

Hi Almost Cool Girls and Boys, Some of you might have read Diary of an Almost Cool Girl- My New School. Did you ever wonder why Maddi had to leave her last school? What happened that could be so bad? In this book, you get to meet a slightly younger and less wise Maddi and find out what happened at her old school (before she was asked to leave). Hope you enjoy this prequel to the BEST SELLING Diary of an Almost Cool Girl Series. Almost Cool Kids Rock!

The Top 5 Navy SEALs Weapons for Kids! (Navy SEALs Special Forces Leadership and Self-Esteem Books for Kids)

Obliterate the leadership gap!

The Top 5 Navy SEALs Weapons for Kids!

This little book highlites the top 5 Weapons that the Navy SEALs use.

--There is a free Interview - MP3 audio book with a REAL Navy SEAL,

--and an Infographic included in this book!

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Meme comics

Enjoy your time with fun comics of meme.

Snack Attack!: A story about loyalty and friendship with bright, funny pictures kids love. Each small chapter ends with a thought-provoking question to improve reading comprehension.

Here's what readers are saying about Snack Attack!*

"The story and pictures are adorable..."

"It is different than any other children's story I have ever read."

"I loved it! Who knew we could feel sympathy for a vending machine?"

*Ratings and comments from beta readers' written reviews.

Written by Mark Megson and Aviva Gittle and illustrated by Jennifer Chappell (illustrator for "Bagel Boy.") Snack Attack! is the story of Murray, an old vending machine who may have broken down for the last time. He learns what friendship really is when his snack family tries everything they can to save Murray from the scrap heap. Can a bunch of potato chips and tasty candies bring their old friend back to life? Find out in this fun tale about the power of friendship and determination.

Snack Attack! is perfect for the new reader, but with enough pictures and adventure to hold the attention of the little ones. Each chapter ends with a thought-provoking question to help with your child's reading comprehension and critical thinking skills.

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Peter and Dad Clean the House

Give this dad just a minute of your time, and he'll show you how to get a kid to clean your whole house like you totally were planning on doing as soon as you felt like it.

"Basically they're babies. They'll do anything so just ask them to do it," he explains in his latest "How to Clean the House" Story.