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JULIA JONES - My Worst Day Ever! - Book 1: Diary Book for Girls aged 9 - 12: Volume 1 (Julia Jones' Diary)

Julia looks forward to the most exciting event of the year. As the countdown begins, her world fills with new friendships and surprises, especially when a very pretty girl unexpectedly joins her class and they become great friends. In addition, the cutest boy at school suddenly becomes a part of their group and Julia looks forward to the special occasion that they are all planning for. But without warning, the events that begin to unfold are not at all what Julia has anticipated. Is there a bully in their midst and is bullying going on around her? What is in store for Julia and what is the final outcome of her worst day ever? You are sure to love the first book in the Julia Jones series. It is fast paced and suspenseful and will captivate you from start to finish. A fantastic book for girls aged from 9 to 12.

Diary of an Almost Cool Girl - Book 1: Meet Maddi - Ooops!: Volume 1

Hi Almost Cool Girls and Boys, Some of you might have read Diary of an Almost Cool Girl- My New School. Did you ever wonder why Maddi had to leave her last school? What happened that could be so bad? In this book, you get to meet a slightly younger and less wise Maddi and find out what happened at her old school (before she was asked to leave). Hope you enjoy this prequel to the BEST SELLING Diary of an Almost Cool Girl Series. Almost Cool Kids Rock!

Lucky Luke Vol. 66: The Promised Land

When an old cowboy friend asks Luke to escort his family, freshly arrived from Poland, to their new home in the West, our lonesome hero has no idea what sort of difficulties to expect. If the Sterns are brave and resolute, they are also ignorant of American ways - and bring with them a multitude of baffling customs. And as if that wasn't enough, the extremely valuable Torah that travels with them has caught the eyes of some unsavoury characters!

Diary of a Kid Named Wedgie

Junior High School student Wedgie get into trouble with his older school mates.

Diary of a Dancing Drama Queen: Volume 1 (The Secret Ramblings of Harriet Hughes)

Harriet Hughes is not a girl who likes pink or dancing, in fact she hates them both. Harriet is devastated when she has to attend a dance class, with the most popular girl in school and she is constantly humiliated in front of her secret crush Oliver. Will Harriet manage to make it through dance class? Will Oliver notice her and will her parents ever stop embarrassing her? Follow Harriet's funny middle grade adventures in this beginner chapter book which includes illustrations.

The King's Hero (Mad Minecraft Journals Book 3)

Hey friend, it's Jack. These journals are the story of how I escaped being a prince, found myself trapped, and finally saved the day.

In this journal, I found my father and saved the day. When I left the human village, there was nothing that I could do to make Shoal come with me, and I knew that I had to take care of the kingdom. I had finally realized my purpose and how much my father mattered to me.

Despite my aggravation at the guards, I knew that I couldn't go out on my own to look for the king, so Pico and Max will be joining me. We'll be sure to brave skeletons and creepers and bring my father back safely to run his kingdom.

*This book is not produced or marketed by Mojang or Minecraft and is the sole property and imagination of the author.

The Top 5 Navy SEALs Weapons for Kids! (Navy SEALs Special Forces Leadership and Self-Esteem Books for Kids)

Obliterate the leadership gap!

The Top 5 Navy SEALs Weapons for Kids!

This little book highlites the top 5 Weapons that the Navy SEALs use.

--There is a free Interview - MP3 audio book with a REAL Navy SEAL,

--and an Infographic included in this book!

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The Awakening: Aquaman: An Unofficial Minecraft Adventure (Minecraft Mobs Battle Book 13)

Captain Charles Gerald and the Navy satellites have picked up something abnormal deep within the Pacific Ocean.

Scarlett was the chosen one to lead a team down the ocean to explore the sunken ruins of an ancient civilization.

An unexpected hurricane cut out all communications with the base on the surface.

Underwater currents swept her team away, she managed to escape into the underwater base.

Completely alone...but she discovered something out of the ordinary, Aquaman...

Does she has what it takes to survive the ordeal of hostile mobs (Guardian and Elder Guardian) and the situation she's in.

Will the discovery of Aquaman be a boon or bane for her?

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The Day Santa Quit!

A short story chapter book. Ideal for new chapter book readers between 5-8 years.

Santa was so excited! It was getting close to Christmas and everyone at the North Pole was getting ready for the big trip. But when Santa went to visit his reindeer and elves, all was not as it should have been.

Find out what happened to make Santa quit! Will he quit for good? Read and laugh along!

The Voice in the Star: Volume 1 (Lix and Basta)

Join dragons Lix and Basta on an illustrated adventure to save their color and keep from turning to stone.

Neotopia #1 (Neotopia: 1)

Nalyn, a servant kidnapped while standing in for the real princess, is finally rescued by her friends, but her troubles have just begun! Mistaken for the real princess, she is ordered by the prince to lead the Mathenian army to battle against her former captors, the Krossians!

Jaden Toussaint, the Greatest Episode 1: The Quest for Screen Time

Giant Afro. Even Bigger Brain. Jaden Toussaint is a five year-old who knows it all. I mean, really knows it all. Animal Science. Great Debater. Master of the art of ninja dancing. There's nothing Jaden Toussaint can't do. The only problem is that grown-ups keep trying to convince him that, even though he's really smart, he doesn't know EVERYTHING. The thing is...he kind of does. This time our hero must use all his super-powered brain power to convince the grown-ups that he needs more screen time.