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FCBD 2014 Street Fighter #0

Happy Free Comic Book Day! Thrill to UDON's first ever Free Comic Book Day book, featuring a range of great stories from Street Fighter! Preview the upcoming collection of Street Fighter IV: Wages of Sin with a story by Ken Siu-Choing and Takeshi Miyzawa, the awesome and highly-anticipated Super Street Fighter Vol. 2 with a story by Jim Zub and Hanzo Steinbach, and read a chapter that marks a turning point in the life of Akuma from Street Fighter Origins: Akuma! All of this... for free!

FCBD 2015 Street Fighter: Super Combo Special

Five generations of World Warriors collide in this epic new Street Fighter story for Free Comic Book Day 2015! Ryu, Charlie, Crimson Viper, Ibuki, and more put their martial arts skills to the test as they battle across the globe. A self-contained story, perfect for newcomers to the Street Fighter universe, or longtime fans!

FCBD 2014 Les Miserables - The Fall of Fantine

Happy Free Comic Book Day! UDON proudly presents UDON Manga Classics -- Classic Literature faithfully adapted into manga form! In this digital edition of the Free Comic Book Day release, discover the story of Fantine, from the revered novel Les Miserables! Her tragic life and sacrifices ensure a brighter world for her daughter, but will they be too much for her tender soul? Also included is a preview of the second UDON Manga Classics release, Jane Austen's PRIDE & PREJUDICE!

Devil's Ridge Vol. 1 (Yaoi Manga) (The Dark Earth)

Aidan has always dreamed of a different life, one that was somehow more than what he knew. Desperate times force him and his adoptive family to move to Grandfather Patrick's house on Devil's Ridge, a tiny, rural town, that is far more than what it seems.

On the Ridge, Aidan finds a world filled with magic, monsters and terrifying beauty. He has discovered his "different life" but it isn't at all what he expected, and not all of it is good.

With most of the townspeople involved in the Clan, a dark cult, and Grandfather Patrick as the Clan's head, Aidan knows he isn't just imagining that the whole town is out to get him. When Aidan is lured by an ancient force literally in his own backyard, he is rescued by the mysterious and handsome Asher Vane, who his grandfather calls a "demon". Is Asher something terrible? More importantly, is Aidan?


Vol. 1 - Devil's Ridge: ASIN: B006NSWC6I

Vol. 2 - Hidden Past: ASIN: B00AGLOFJU

Vol. 3 - Dark Prince: ASIN: B00B274HPE

Vol. 4 - Legacy: ASIN: B00G4DN3IS

Vol. 5 - The Gathering Dark: ASIN: B00JB109BY

Vol. 6 - A Memory Darkly: Too hot for Amazon's TOS for Kindle on Amazon itself, but available at the Raythe Reign shop EXCLUSIVELY.

Vol. 7 - Mage Lord: ASIN B013RR4K1C

Vol. 8 - The Mage Inside: ASIN B01AZMD5F

Vol. 9 - Coming Soon!

Extra Volume - Dream: Too hot for Amazon's TOS for Kindle on Amazon itself, but available at the Raythe Reign Shop!

Futaba-kun Change! Vol.1

"Futaba-kun Change!" is a comedy comic which features a young man who inherits an unknown gene that enables him to turn into a sexy and cute young lady.

Futaba had just begun noticing about girls, but realizes that he himself can turn into a girl. Futaba finds out that his family inherits a gene enabling them to change their gender...

He is troubled with his older sister who has an erotic character. On the other hand, he faces a dilemma with the girl he loves, not knowing how to "express" himself. The legendary transsexual comedy comic now comes in e-book! "Futaba-kun Change!" consists of eight volumes.

Attack on Titan Anthology FCBD Sampler Vol. 1

World minus Japan

Boys Over Flowers Season 2 Chapter 59 (Boys Over Flowers Season 2 Chapters)

After treading water in the open ocean for hours, Oto's body is sapped of all its strength. If this is the end, she's determined to apologize to Haruto for not meeting him at the bridge six months ago. In such dire circumstances, even he can't hold a grudge forever. After they are rescued, Haruto may be in an even bigger predicament when he's locked out of his own house!

Japanese Folklore The Tale of Young Samurai & Beautiful Ghost

Many years ago, long before the present prosaic era, there lived in Yedo a young man named Toshika. His family belonged to the aristocratic rank of the hatamoto samurai, those knights who possessed the right to march to battle directly under the Shogun's flag (hata), and his father was a high official in the Tokugawa Shogunate. Toshika, whose disposition was of a dreamy and indolent nature with scholarly tastes, had no occupation. He took life easily, and when his studies were finished, he went to live at the family villa situated in the suburb of Aoyama.

Toshika was not interested in society, and except for an occasional visit to his home or to his favourite friend, he never went anywhere. Far from the world he spent his days quietly and pleasantly, reading books, tending and watering his flowers, practising the tea-ceremony, and composing poetry and playing on the flute. He was a young man of many accomplishments and studied art. He collected curios and specimens of well-known calligraphy, which all Japanese prize greatly, and he particularly delighted in pictures.One day a certain friend whom Toshika had not seen for several months, came to call upon him. He had just returned from a visit to the seaport of Nagasaki and knowing the young man's tastes had brought with him, as a present, a Chinese drawing of a beautiful woman, which he begged Toshika to accept.

Toshika was very pleased with this acquisition to his treasures. He examined the painting carefully, and though he could find no signature of the artist, his knowledge of the subject told him that it was probably drawn by the well-known Chinese painter of the Shin era.

It was the portrait of a young woman in the prime of youth, and Toshika felt intuitively that it was a real likeness. The face was one of radiant loveliness, and the longer he gazed at it, the more the charm and fascination of it grew upon him. He carried it to his own room and hung it up in the alcove. Whenever he felt lonely he retired to the solitude of his chamber, and sat for hours before the drawing, looking at it and even addressing it. As the days went by, gradually the picture seemed to glow with life and Toshika began to think of it as a person. He wondered who the original of the portrait could have been, and said that he envied the artist who had been granted the happiness of looking upon her beauty.

Daily the figure seemed more alive and the face more exquisite, and Toshika, as he gazed in rapture upon it, longed to know its history. The haunting pathos of the expression and the speaking wistfulness of the dark soft eyes called to his heart like music and gave him no peace. Toshika, in fact, became enamoured of the lovely image suspended in the alcove, and as the infatuation grew upon him he placed fresh flowers before it, changing them daily. At night he had his quilts so arranged that the last thing he looked upon before closing his eyes in sleep was the lady of the picture.

Workaholic - English edition

Amina works as an executive in a state-of-the-art IT company. She joined that company right after getting her degree and progressively climbed up through the ranks. Greater responsibilities also imply greater pressure. Amina spares no effort working overtime. And it's not unusual for her to leave the office around midnight. But strange events will occur on a stormy night...

A complete story, as a tribute to josei manga.

"Lady" Collection, comic book, 32 pages.

Translated from French.

Makeshift Miracle Book 1: The Girl From Nowhere

A young boy named Colby Reynolds searches for meaning in the world around him and discovers a place where dreams can come true " if he's willing to pay the price! Along the way he'll see sights he's never fathomed and encounter hidden truths about himself he'll wish he never knew. The hit online comic is now a beautiful, high-quality hardcover graphic novel, perfect for te A young boy named Colby Reynolds searches for meaning in the world around him and discovers a place where dreams can come true " if he's willing to pay the price! Along the way he'll see sights he's never fathomed and encounter hidden truths about himself he'll wish he never knew. The hit online comic is now a beautiful, high-quality hardcover graphic novel, perfect for teen readers and manga fans with a durable, library-quality binding available

The Legend in Annatour 1

"The star will take you to the land that lies far, far away in time and distance."

The fantasy novel that captured the hearts of many people in Japan, now comes in as a manga comic!!

Yuna Suzuki, 16 years old. She is an ordinary high school student who one day finds a book in the library that would change her life forever. This story is based in the desert of Esfahan where the captivating adventure begins.

Sports Manga Essentials (Manga 101)

In sports manga, there's no "I" in team! Sports manga are about more than just the game--they're a showcase for the real, deep and sometimes unbelievable characters that create the makeup of every great team. The Sports Manga Essentials include a huge lineup of our favorites including Haikyu!!, Kuroko's Basketball, The Prince of Tennis and Cross Manage. Each story offers a different look into the world's of these sporting teams, that goes beyond just "sport". So, enjoy this collection of sports manga, and remember that the only "I" on this sports manga team is you!

Damsel in Debt: Episode.1

Sayaka will do anything to help out the relatives who took her in after she became an orphan. When the restaurant owned by those relatives is about to be taken away because of debt troubles, Sayaka herself becomes the new collateral for the restaurant in order to get an extension on their loan repayment deadline...on the condition that she serve as the new "plaything" for Subaru, a famous model who doubles as an employee of the loan company. What exactly will "plaything" entail...?

Chrysanthemum Boy

Deep in the mountains, men with missions to find the fountain of youth encounters a boy who served a king that lived in a different generation. Enjoy the artistic expressions of Shino Matsuda in this short piece Manga - Chrysanthemum Boy (Kikujidou)

Street Fighter #0

The Saga of the World Warriors begins! Join Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Cammy, and all of your favourite Street Fighters! This issue, Ryu faces a tragedy, and faces off against his deadliest opponent!

Street Fighter II #0

The road to the World Warrior Tournament begins here! Catch up on the first titanic Street Fighter series in this special recap issue. As Ryu arrives in India to find the legendary Dhalsim, he reflects on the challenges he has faced so far, and readies himself for all that is to come!

The Little School Nurse That Could: Episode.1

Ever since she was in junior high, Kana's wanted to become a school nurse. However, the handsome professor overseeing her first training assignment presents her with quite the moral dilemma...yet a determined Kana is ready to give it her all!

Darkstalkers #0

CAPCOM's legendary action-horror video game series, DARKSTALKERS, in the inimitable UDON comics style! In this zero issue, "The Eye of Belial," the ultimate fate of Morrigan is foretold in fire and glory -- and destruction, including her own!

Boys Over Flowers Season 2 Chapter 58 (Boys Over Flowers Season 2 Chapters)

Things get awkward when Haruto and Oto coincidentally end up on the same snorkeling trip. But when they get left behind in the open waters, Oto's frustration at Haruto's icy demeanor comes to a boil. Can their common goal at survival heal all wounds...?

Kodansha Comics Digital Sampler - UNREAL

The Kodansha Comics Digital Sampler - UNREAL contains the full first chapters of all of our fantasy, sci-fi and supernatural manga series, including At Full Moon, Attack on Titan, Cage of Eden, Fairy Tail, Mardock Scramble, Ninja Girls, No. 6, Sankarea, and Until The Full Moon.

Boys Over Flowers Season 2 Chapter 57 (Boys Over Flowers Season 2 Chapters)

Airi convinces Oto to participate in Eitoku and Momonozono Academies' joint summer school on an island resort. With Airi's support, Oto is determined to enjoy this last summer of high school in spite of Haruto's animosity toward her. But fate has other plans when Oto and Haruto wind up on the same snorkeling trip!

Boys Over Flowers Season 2 Chapter 46 (Boys Over Flowers Season 2 Chapters)

The showdown between Haruto and Tenma at the Manly Man Festival in Kyoto is about to start. Not only has sneaky Konoe alerted both schools' entire student population about the competition, he's even alerted the media. If Haruto loses, everyone and their mother will know it!

Boys Over Flowers Season 2 Chapter 47 (Boys Over Flowers Season 2 Chapters)

Haruto and Tenma are battling it out at the Manly Man Festival in Kyoto. The first round's over in a split second as Tenma easily takes out Haruto in judo. Before the second round of archery can start, Tenma overhears a shocking recording that Oto's co-worker took of her and Konoe's conversation at the convenience store. In it, Konoe acknowledges his role in the attacks on the Eitoku students!

Boys Over Flowers Season 2 Chapter 45 (Boys Over Flowers Season 2 Chapters)

Tenma has challenged Haruto to the Manly Man Festival in Kyoto, where they'll compete against each other in judo, kendo and archery. If Haruto loses, he has to forget all about Oto. But a chance encounter with the legendary F4's Sojiro Nishikado leads to a new ally in his corner. Can a few weeks' training be enough to take on Tenma--a former junior champion?!

Boys Over Flowers Season 2 Chapter 53 (Boys Over Flowers Season 2 Chapters)

At the hospital where Tenma was taken after his injury, Oto runs into the last person she wants to see--Konoe! The mastermind behind all of the harassment towards Eitoku, it seems Konoe ended up getting his comeuppance at the hands of his own hired thugs! But Konoe's repentance may have come too late to repair Oto and Haruto's relationship...

Boys Over Flowers Season 2 Chapter 54 (Boys Over Flowers Season 2 Chapters)

Tenma stays behind in Kyoto while he awaits his surgery on his right arm. But keeping him company are Oto... and Konoe! Konoe has repented his evil ways since his plans ended up hurting the person he cared for most. But Tenma's road to recovery is not an easy one. With strained relations patched up between Eitoku and Momonozono Academies, can Oto and Haruto's be fixed too?

Boys Over Flowers Season 2 Chapter 55 (Boys Over Flowers Season 2 Chapters)

Tenma's road to recovery was a slow one. Oto stayed by his side while he recuperated in Kyoto for six months. Now back in Tokyo, Oto returns to a different Eitoku Academy and a very different Haruto. Haruto's cold eyes and distant demeanor tell her that he no longer cares for her at all!

Street Fighter Remix #0

Get ready to rumble! Street Fighter Remix pits fan favorite characters against one another in the lead-up to a new Street Fighter tournament. Killer Bee versus Deejay, Sagat versus Ryu, Chun-Li versus Fei Long plus Alex, Honda, Guile and more -- all with the mysterious Bison pulling strings behind the scenes!

Boys Over Flowers Season 2 Chapter 49 (Boys Over Flowers Season 2 Chapters)

After winning the Manly Man Festival, Haruto has no reason to hold back his feelings for Oto. Following advice from ladies' man, Sojiro Nishikado of the F4, Haruto's makes his move! He tells Oto to break up with Tenma and be with him instead! He'll wait for her by the Shijo Ohashi bridge, but will Oto ever show up...?

Boys Over Flowers Season 2 Chapter 50 (Boys Over Flowers Season 2 Chapters)

Oto goes to see Tenma after he forfeits the Manly Man competition. Knowing that Oto is conflicted by her feelings for Haruto, Tenma puts an end to their arranged engagement. Oto is now free to choose whomever she wants! But those thugs who attacked her before reappear to make matters worse!

Boys Over Flowers Season 2 Chapter 51 (Boys Over Flowers Season 2 Chapters)

Oto and Tenma are mugged by the same three thugs that were attacking Eitoku students. But when Oto makes a sudden move, things go horribly wrong and Tenma ends up getting stabbed. Oto stays by Tenma's side as he's rushed to the hospital, but in the back of her mind is the thought of Haruto is waiting for her at the bridge...

Boys Over Flowers Season 2 Chapter 52 (Boys Over Flowers Season 2 Chapters)

Tenma is rushed to the hospital after being attacked by Konoe's thugs. Things aren't looking good because he's lost all feeling in his right hand--the result of a severed nerve. Oto is racked by guilt that her sudden move caused Tenma's injury. Will this guilt pressure her into never seeking Haruto again...?

Boys Over Flowers Season 2 Chapter 42 (Boys Over Flowers Season 2 Chapters)

Haruto takes Oto's side when she accuses the vice president of Momonozono's student council of being behind the attacks on Eitoku students. When Tenma doesn't believe her, their relationship hits a rocky patch. Then Oto reveals to an overjoyed Haruto that she'll be staying at Eitoku after all. In his excitement, Haruto embraces Oto... right when Tenma shows up!

Boys Over Flowers Season 2 Chapter 44 (Boys Over Flowers Season 2 Chapters)

After catching Haruto with his arms around Oto, Tenma's rage can't be doused. He challenges Haruto to a battle to force him to give up his love. Unfortunately for Haruto, the battle is the Manly Man Festival in Kyoto--a three-sport martial arts competition in which Tenma, as a former junior champion, clearly has an obvious advantage! Haruto's only got two weeks to train before his love life may be extinguished forever!

Boys Over Flowers Season 2 Chapter 43 (Boys Over Flowers Season 2 Chapters)

After their disagreement about Konoe's true nature, Tenma goes back to talk to Oto again. But then he catches Haruto with his arms around Oto! Haruto confesses that he still cares for Oto and won't stop--even if she is dating Tenma! When Tenma can't forgive Haruto, he decides to challenge him to a fight. Unfortunately for Haruto, it turns out a martial arts champion!

Boys Over Flowers Season 2 Chapter 37 (Boys Over Flowers Season 2 Chapters)

Haruto lashes out at Oto when she tells him that she may transfer to Momonozono Academy. Even if she is dating Tenma, Haruto doesn't want to lose the opportunity to see her at school. But his pride makes him say hurtful things to drive her away. Frustrated with his own behavior, he feels helpless to change the situation. But Megurin is there to comfort him...when she shows up in his bathtub naked!

Boys Over Flowers Season 2 Chapter 36 (Boys Over Flowers Season 2 Chapters)

When Haruto finds out that Oto was attacked, he's fired up to take on these thugs targeting Eitoku students. But when he learns that she was rescued by Momonozono students, his pride makes him say things he shouldn't. Hurt by Haruto's harsh words, Oto seriously considers taking up Tenma's offer of transferring to Momonozono Academy! And lurking nearby witnessing the whole scene play out is Tenma's right hand man Konoe.

Boys Over Flowers Season 2 Chapter 38 (Boys Over Flowers Season 2 Chapters)

After Oto tells him she's transferring to Momonozono, Haruto is dejected. But Megurin wants him to forget all about Oto and start paying attention to her! And get his attention she does--when she shows up in his bath stark naked! But even with a beautiful girl in front of him ready to give him everything, Haruto still be true to his heart!

Boys Over Flowers Season 2 Chapter 39 (Boys Over Flowers Season 2 Chapters)

When Konoe sends Oto a uniform for Momonozono Academy even though she hadn't decided to enroll yet, she's fed up with his pushy ways. She goes to return the uniform, but is stopped in her tracks when she sees who he's with-the same thugs that attacked her with the spray paint! Was Konoe the mastermind behind all the attacks?!

Boys Over Flowers Season 2 Chapter 41 (Boys Over Flowers Season 2 Chapters)

When Tenma doesn't believe Oto's story that Konoe is the one ordering the attacks on Eitoku students, she loses all hope. All this drama takes a toll on Oto's health, landing her in the hospital again. When Tenma comes to ask Oto about her accusation against Konoe, the one coming to her defense... is Kaguragi of all people!

Boys Over Flowers Season 2 Chapter 48 (Boys Over Flowers Season 2 Chapters)

Haruto lost to Tenma in the first event at the Manly Man Festival in Kyoto. But during the break, Tenma accidentally sees concrete evidence that Konoe really was behind the attacks on Eitoku students. Distraught, Tenma flubs the second event in archery. And when Tenma doesn't show up for the third and final event, Haruto is declared the overall default!

Kodansha Comics Digital Sampler - REAL

The Kodansha Comics Digital Sampler - REAL contains the full first chapters of all of our "real-life" manga series, including Arisa, Bloody Monday, Danza, Genshiken Omnibus, Genshiken: Second Season, I Am Here, Kitchen Princess, Missions of Love, and Vinland Saga.

Kitty Kafé: Cats in Heat: Chapter.1

Mayo gets her long-awaited chance to work at a "cat cafe" - a peculiar establishment where hot guys wearing kitty-cat ears cater to female customers looking to forget the stress of everyday life. With this kind of environment, it seems like the purrfect job at first...but with her feline coworkers having set their sights on her in more ways than one, Mayo has her work cut out for her!

D'Nine Vol.08: #16 - #17 (D-Nine comics)

Story adapted from a highly acclaim novel titled D-Nine: Protectors of the Crown.

Dr James' life has always been straightforward. That is until he starts suffering with severe headaches and then things start to take a severe turn.

When James passes out from pain, he becomes another person - a beautiful teenage princess from another world, a princess whose life is in danger but who is suffering amnesia and can't remember where the threat is coming from. However with the doctor's intelligence and knowledge and her power and charisma, the princess battles and charms her way through many adventures until she stumbles upon a shocking plot.

As one life splits into two, the lines between what is real and what is imaginary seem to blur and James will surely have to choose which life he is meant to lead.

Journey To The West Girls 1

A classic - journey to the west inspired manga by Yuta Kayashima takes you in to a world of.... crazy girls friends taking up full colored pages of manga for an adventurous ride to the west!

Attack on Titan 15