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A General Topic Daily Devotion Book Based On A 366-day Calendar

Over the past twenty years, I have served as an Adult Sunday School Teacher at two different Baptist churches during two different periods of time. In addition to that, I also attended Liberty University from 1995 until 2001 where I completed work on my Master of Arts degree in Religion and Pastoral Counseling. During my time at Liberty University, I studied ten Religion courses and five Pastoral Counseling courses as part of my Graduate Studies Program. After Graduation, I studied an additional six Religion courses and one additional Counseling class. Because of my educational training and my teaching experience, the devotions in this book have been written to be both inspirational and instructional. Each devotion has been based on either a specific lecture that I attended at Liberty University or on a specific Sunday School class that I taught. If a person will patiently and diligently read each devotion, one day at a time, then he or she will probably learn many important spiritual principles from the Bible that pertain to right, practical living. He or she will probably also learn many truths about the Bible that one would only rarely hear from a church pulpit. Either way, the hope is that this general topic devotion book will be a blessing to everyone that uses it. Among some of the topics included are why the Apocrypha is not part of the Protestant Bible, being born again, being conformed to the image of Christ, being quick to forgive others, some arguments for God's existence, the Bible is still relevant, being Missions-minded, Creation, dealing with temptation, the deity of Christ, some of the Bible names for God, finding strength and blessings in the Lord, God has absolute moral standards, God wants to save everyone, how to properly interpret Scriptures, the impeccability of Christ, ministering to others for Christ, prayer is a powerful tool, seeing evil as God sees it and many, many more.