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Useful Free Websites - For Creative Writers

With hundreds, if not thousands, of websites and pages on any given subject available on the WWW it can be confusing and just plain time consuming to find the information you need!

Wouldn't all that time searching for information be better spent writing?

This book contains details and links to over 40 useful (and free!) websites to help you get started in your creative writing journey, promote and sell your work as well as find advice and new writing friends along the way!

Kindle Profits Blueprint: follow the blueprint that's made more Kindle millionaires than any other system online (Kindle Publishing Book 1)

If you are tired of the rat race and want to start earning real passive income, then learning how to create e-books using the Kindle platform by Amazon is the right path for you!

You've heard of Kindle publishing. But did you know the person creating those Kindle e-books could be making nearly$10,000 per month? Did you think it could be you?

Amazon is a Fortune 500 company, and they are ALWAYS looking for new content!

If this sounds good to you, and it should, then Kindle Profits Blueprint tells you everything you'll need to know to get started as a Kindle publisher.

Jon walks you through:Finding Your Niche - Finding that profitable niche to write aboutHiring Your Writer And Designer - Hire reliable workers to make you a bestsellerMarketing Your Book - kick start your book sales using the book launch formulaIf you are looking to earn passive income, become finacialy Free, and make the world your playground, read Kindle Profits Blueprint, and become a Kindle publisher!