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The Ultimate Real Estate Investing Blueprint: How to Quit Your Job in 19 Weeks or Less

Discover how to quit your job in 19 weeks or less by flipping properties in your spare time even if you have no cash, no credit, and have never bought a house before. In this book you find the key to unlocking a huge vault full of money. This key will allow you to quickly and easily flip houses in your spare time banking you $5,000 to $20,000 per deal. The beauty about this business is you don't need any money and no one will ever ask you for you SSN to pull credit.

Becoming A Coupon Warrior: Extreme couponing for newbies, a step-by step guide to extreme savings

Couponing for some may be a way to save money for their family, for others it is used to stock pile goods for their family and to also give back to the community in donations of stockpile items and for others it may be an extreme sport with an adrenaline high. Whatever your reason may be for beginning in this new "hobby" you have come across an article, which provides loads of information! From the basics of getting started and where to begin, to becoming an avid extreme couponer. Definitions of commonly used abbreviations on coupon websites and blogs, will help the beginning couponer understand what all that jargon means. Complete with guides to shopping at specific stores and ways to organize your coupons. With a quick start guide to get you started and pointed in the right direction, by following the simple tips and tricks of the guide, you will be able to understand everything you need to know about getting started with coupons. Included are multiple links that lead you to awesome blogs that make your couponing experience even easier and links to websites for more printable coupons and some current rebate offers. There are detailed guide sheets for national drug stores such as CVS and Walgreens and a guide sheet for shopping at Publix grocery stores. These sheets break it down in an easy to read format and supply you the basic information for shopping at these particular stores. Couponing should be fun and rewarding, by using this guide filled with valuable information it will be just that!

Property Development

DEBT FREE: HOW TO GET OUT OF DEBT (Get Out of Debt, Budgeting Money, Save Money, Credit Card Debt, Wealth Management, Credit Control, Money Tips)

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If you are looking to start living a debt free lifestyle and learn how to get out of debt then "DEBT FREE" is the book for you!

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You're about to discover how to...

Get out of debt, but more importantly to stay out of debt and live a more abundant lifestyle.

I have read many how to books about getting out of debt, and tried many concepts with my wife that would work but only for a short period of time. We would quickly find our way right back in debt.

It wasn't until we started to change or mindset and work on our financial education that things started to drastically change for myself and family. Life is very different when debt is not hovering over your head. So many terrible decisions are made from being enslaved to debt. It doesn't have to be this way, but things must change with your level financial education first!

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...

How to change your thinkingDebt ConsolidationWhy its important to pay yourself firstNegotiate everythingResolve to buy things cashHow to make more with what you haveContact credit cards company's and negotiate lower interest rateGet rid of unnecessary insurancesMuch, much more!

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The Science of Being Well

Fulfillment By Amazon For Beginners: Step-by-Step Guide to Private Label

A large number of people has reaped a lot of cash through Fulfilment By Amazon (FBA). This program has both benefited the buyers and sellers who choose to utilize the great features offered by As a seller, you will gain a lot from the program which has become one of the most profitable and booming projects in today's digital market.

Knowing how to set up your account and make a huge sale on is a learning process and there are important steps that you are supposed to learn and comprehend in order to ensure that become you a prolific entrepreneur. For a beginner, this is a helpful guidebook with step by step guidelines on how to set up your FBA account to marketing and making huge sales from your products. It will show you how to get started as a novice, with well-written steps on how to make different changes in your FBA account.

This book will help you in three important ways:

oIt will help a buyer know all the benefits of using services and products over the other means of retail internet methods.

oAs a seller, it will help you determine the best way to work with

oFinally, a seller will learn all the tricks and basics steps about online retailing and marketing strategies.

The flow of the chapters will help you understand every basic aspect of succeeding as a seller on Amazon FBA. It is very crucial to have the right knowledge and skills when it comes to selling your products on Amazon website. This book is the perfect teacher for you, it will put into your mind the needed understanding, train and polish your selling skills.

Download your copy today!

Stock Market Edges: A quantitative guide to developing winning trading strategies

Improve the precision, accuracy and profitability of your stock market trading strategies by leveraging some of the many market edges that successful traders exploit every day.

Read this book to learn how to:

- Improve the accuracy and profitability of your trading strategies by leveraging statistically proven market edges

- The power of using at least one "set-up" and one "entry signal" when developing trading strategies to tilt the odds in your favor

- Conduct statistical tests to analyze whether your trading ideas has an edge over the overall market or not

- Avoid some of the many mistakes that beginner traders do, such as not taking trading costs into account when backtesting your strategies

Foreword by Stan Bokov, Chief Operating Officer at MultiCharts.

Every market edge presented in Stock Market Edges is based on comprehensive statistical analyses and has been tested across seven different markets (S&P 500 ETF, NASDAQ 100 ETF, FTSE 100 Index, German Stock Index (DAX), Hang Seng Index, Nikkei 225, and the S&P 500 Index) over a period of more than 14 years.

The tests range from simple moving averages to various chart patterns and indices, namely:

- Short-term highs and short-term lows

- The Relative Strength Index

- Consecutive up days and consecutive down days

- Extreme up days and extreme down days

- Daily up gaps and daily down gaps

- Average Directional Index

- The Volatility Index

- Key reversal bars

- 50- and 200-day moving averages

- Advancing and declining issues

The final chapter lays out a very consistent and profitable sample trading strategy, built entirely on set-ups outlined in the book to prove that the edges actually provide the trader with an advantage.

Contrary to most other trading books, expected slippage and commissions have been deducted from the test results for the S&P 500 ETF and the NASDAQ 100 ETF.

All market edges and trading strategies presented in Stock Market Edges can easily be implemented and executed in popular trading platforms such as MultiCharts, TradeStation, NinjaTrader and MetaTrader.

925 Ideas to Help You Save Money, Get Out of Debt and Retire A Millionaire: So You Can Leave Your Mark on the World

Devin Thorpe has collected over 150 essays on personal and family finance to help you learn how to be happier with your money, to live more frugally and investment more wisely. 925 Ideas... is an easy and readable guide to help your family find financial peace. Author Devin D. Thorpe explains: 1) how you and your spouse can find agreement on money matters, 2) how to teach your kids about money, 3) how to pay for your children's college education, 4) how to live like a millionaire (spoiler alert! Frugally) 5) how to come up with $25,000 in a crisis 6) how to make ends meet on one income 7) how to get out of debt and stay out of debt 8) why home ownership should be your family's top financial priority 9) how to ask your boss for a raise 10) how to use your finances to do more good in the world. And much more! Devin D. Thorpe is the author of the highly regarded book, Your Mark on the World and is the founder of the Your Mark on the World Organization, championing social good. The Your Mark on the World Organization believes that people, no matter their level of income, can give more and do more to make the world a better place. The empowering lessons of 925 Ideas will enable you to leave your mark on the world.

25 Real Estate Lead Generating Strategies That Work

Why You Need To Read This Real Estate Book

In the early part of my real estate career I would sit patiently in my office waiting for my next sale to walk in. Well 'next' might be exaggerating it a little. A sale would be more appropriate. Each night I'd return home and let out a bunch of expletives that would make my dog blush. I was often in a foul mood.

Then after 10 years of struggle I discovered, developed and implemented a bunch of real estate marketing strategies which I am going reveal in this book that saw my income virtually double in one year. After 2 years of using these real estate lead generation skills my income shot up another 50%.

The word soon got out that I had discovered a way to make 'easy' (no such thing) real estate sales. Real estate referrals became my method of operation. Companies were approaching me to move camps. In fact one company placed me on a $200,000 package to help boost sales. The strategies worked for me and they'll work for you.

This book is for real estate sales people, real estate agents or brokers who are totally overwhelmed with the complexities of selling real estate. It's for agents seething with frustration at their pathetic sales. And it's also for successful real estate agents wanting to take their real estate career to the next level.

You have two obstacles from making a killing in real estate sales:

1.You have no idea what business you are REALLY in. Most real estate sales people think that they are in the real estate business to assist people with their real estate buying, selling, leasing or managing needs.While partly 'true' unless you have a real estate lead that wants to buy, sell, lease or manage a property through you, you have no business. PERIOD.

2.A belief that you are 'Gods' answer to all things real estate.Let's face it. Real estate agents are an egotistical bunch. How often do you see advertisements stating "Billy Blogs - No. 1 For XYZ Real Estate" or "Cheryl Champion - Top Real Estate Marketer, Mars Tribune"

Who gives a toss. The public certainly don't and nor should you especially if you are a newbie just getting started. With my real estate lead generation tips you'll soon be the 'king' or queen' of your local area.

My real estate lead generation strategies are by no means complete. But they are a good start in raising you from the depths of despair to making you the champion agent you so rightly deserve to be. Here's my appeal to you. Believe in yourself. Believe in your real estate career. Follow my suggestions. Implement those that appeal to you and be consistent. These real estate lead generation strategies take time but they have helped me sell over $400 million of real estate. They will work for you to.

The Harriman Book of Spread Betting Rules: 140 expert tips from top traders

Mark Austin o Robbie Burns aka The Naked Trader o Angus Campbell o Clem Chambers o Neal Gilbert o Alan Hicks o Tom Hougaard o Sandy Jadeja o Manoj Ladwa o Alpesh B. Patel o David Paul o John Piper o Malcolm Pryor o David Rogerson

Discover the spread betting rules of a host of top financial markets trading experts.

With the vast amount of information available on spread betting - whether in books, magazines, online, in videos or seminars and events - it's not easy to know where to start: How do you know who to listen to and what are the key lessons and tactics to take on board?

To help newcomers and experienced spread bettors, Harriman House has compiled this collection of essential spread betting rules - or top tips - from expert traders. The contributors are varied; including bestselling authors, education specialists, key figures at spread betting firms and technical analysts. What they all have in common a knowledge of what is required for spread betting success and real life experience of trading the markets.

In this book experts share what they consider to be the ten most important pieces of guidance that will help spread bettors to improve their profitability.

You will see that some of the experts agree on certain points, which is perhaps to be expected, but you will also notice that occasionally some of the rules contradict each other, which is possibly more surprising. The rules here are not intended to be picked up and all followed to the letter - there is no single correct approach to spread betting, or indeed any trading method. It is important to research the various ways others have been successful and then go on to find out what works best for you. This concise book gives you an excellent head start so that you can build on what winning spread bettors are already doing.

Study these rules from the best of the best and then develop your own as you take your own steps towards spread betting success.

Funding Freedom: From Corporate Life to a Life of Travel

This mini-guide aims to tell the story of how I, Jason Buckley, and my wife Julie re-designed our lives to enable us to stop the daily 9 to 5 of our corporate jobs, and to instead have the choice to do something else - we chose to travel. Its purpose is to help others who are thinking about making a similar lifestyle change.

Options Trading for Beginners: The Basics of How to Start Options Trading Today, a Guide to Growing Your Portfolio

Options Trading for Beginners: The Basics of How to Start Options Trading Today, a Guide to Growing Your Portfolio is your one-stop guide to everything that you need to know about options trading. This handy manual will teach you:

oThe basics of options trading

oWhat to look for in a broker

oThe advantages and disadvantages of options trading

oThe options trading mistakes that you should avoid

oThe best practices for success

And so much more!

Stop losing your investment money. It is time to uncover the secrets of options trading and start raking in serious profits.

BiggerPockets Presents: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Real Estate Investing

"I'd say, it's a grand slam, four aces, five diamond piece of work!" - Bill Gulley, Real Estate Investor

"Hopefully everyone who is thinking about jumping into RE investing will start here and save themselves about a month of effort trying to come up to speed." - J Scott, House Flipper and Author of "The Book on Flipping Houses"

"The contents of the UBG should be required reading before any new investor wanders aimlessly into the shark tank. I wish I had it 20 years ago. Well done." -Brian Burke, Real Estate Investor

Are you looking for a no-nonsense, easy to understand introduction to the world of real estate investing, without the upsell to a guru course, bootcamp, or special (expensive) training?

The BiggerPockets Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Real Estate Investing is here to help.

Already ready by tens of thousands of people, this guide has received huge success on and now is finally available for the Kindle as well!

Thousands of people come to BiggerPockets every day asking one very foundational question, "How do I get started investing in real estate?"

For those who have been searching for information on real estate investing, you understand that there are thousands of blogs, forums, books, and videos on the subject. All this information is helpful and usable - but can leave new investors feeling overwhelmed with the sheer volume. Up until this point, the answer to the above question has been to search the internet (still a great idea!) for specific answers. However, things are about to change...

We're excited to present to you the Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Real Estate Investing on Kindle! This eBook will help new investors get a firm foundation to build their investing business upon. With topics ranging from how to gain a solid real estate education, real estate niches, financing, marketing, and more, this guide is truly the definitive guide for helping new investors learn the ropes.

This guide doesn't come with a $97 per month fee or a profit-sharing requirement. There is no membership required, no sales pitch, no celebrity guru paid endorsements. There is no upsell to the "real meat" but simply valuable, actionable help for beginners.

Jump in and good luck!

Ultimate Financial Planning Guide: Simple & Crisp Do-It-Yourself Tool

Ultimate Financial Planning Guide is a simple, easy to understand and a crisp guide to your personal financial planning. This book details out following key steps involved in the process of comprehensive financial planning:

1. Organizing Financial Data

2. Monthly Financial Budgeting

3. Assessing your Financial Risk Profile

4. Assessing your Income and Expenses

5. Assessing your Assets and Liabilities

6. Assessing your Insurance Needs

7. Financial Goal Planning

8. Retirement Planning

9. Asset Allocation and Re-balancing

10. Periodic review of Financial Plan

Also included in the Book:

i. Financial planning pointers for professionals falling into various age groups

ii. Detailed glossary of all the financial terms used in the book

iii. Sample Monthly Financial Budget and Financial Plan - Formulated by Ultimate Financial Planner application

To further empower you to formulate your own financial plan, I have also developed Ultimate Financial Planner application to help you easily formulate a personalized and comprehensive financial plan for yourself. This application can be used on any computer having Windows operating system and Excel installed.

Key Features of Ultimate Financial Planner:

1. Keep a track of your Monthly Budget

2. Assess your Risk Profile, Assets & Liabilities, Income & Expenses and Insurance Cover Requirement

3. Plan for your Financial Goals & Retirement

4. Provided indicative asset allocation in equity and debt asset classes based on your financial risk profile

5. Provided country specific data on inflation and rate of return on equity & debt asset classes to help you in goal planning

6. Comprehensive Financial Plan saved in PDF format on your Desktop!

Please visit the following link to know more and download Ultimate Financial Planner application.


This Ultimate Package of Book & Application would help you effectively carry out your entire comprehensive financial planning activity and secure your financial life!

Holiday lets How to get started

Kick-start your business or discover new ideas for an existing holiday let.

Before you buy: legal considerations, assessing guest demand.

Financial reality: tax obligations, exclusive insurance cover.

Fast track marketing guide: online, offline and the value of customer service and recommendations.

Managing bookings: checklists, contracts and welcome hampers.

Longevity: securing repeat bookings and the value of feedback.

World Financial Markets in 2011: The trading, the players and the stories behind a year in the stock market

This book is a unique record of the people, deals and events that drove the stock market in 2010.

Written in the author's down-to-earth, journalistic style, this book reads almost like a novel as it takes you through the last twelve months of stock market history. Blakey provides a fascinating perspective on the movers and shakers - the winners, the losers, and the reasons why - giving a rare insight into the workings of the stock market, plus profiles of key players and the movements and effects of new, upcoming markets.

The book includes coverage of all the major economic and political developments that have influenced the market, as well as the individuals and corporations themselves. It provides an invaluable reference for anyone wishing to understand and anticipate current and future trends in the market.

Histories of previous years are available in A History of the London Stock Market 1945-2009 (9781906659622).

Australian Expat Essentials: An introductory guide to the tax and financial implications for Australians living abroad

Australian Expat Essentials - An Introductory Guide to the tax and financial implications for Australians living abroad provides an overview of the key issues that can impact the wealth of Australians who chose to live overseas. Essential reading for anyone planning to move overseas or who is already living abroad.

Topics covered in this book include :

Tax Considerations - What does tax residency mean? Are you an Australian resident or non-resident for tax purposes? and what does it mean? Do you need to continue completing an Australian tax return while living abroad?

Medicare and Health Insurance - Understand whether you are still liable for the Medicare levy. Are Australian Expats still be covered by Medicare? Do you need to retain private health insurance in Australia?

Superannuation - understand the arrangements with foreign countries that allow you to continue contributing to your superannuation. Understand the implications for your self managed superannuation fund (SMSF) as an aussie expat.

International Money Transfers - understand the best way to transfer money to Australia and from Australia that could save you hundreds or thousands of dollars.

The Rough Guide to Money and Savings (The Rough Guide to Personal Finance)

The Rough Guide to Money & Savings looks at how to boost your budget through careful money management. Personal finance expert Sarah Pennells outlines ways to save, borrow and invest your money, so that you make the most of your income and prepare for the future.

Don't miss the other guides in The Rough Guide to Personal Finance series. These handy, reliable and independent ebooks are brought to you by Rough Guides, in partnership with Legal & General.

The Great Debt Deception: How You've Been Swindled By the Banks and Credit Card Companies, Why You Don't Owe Them a Penny and the Proven Process to Get Free From Your Debt

What If Everything You Were Taught To Believe About the Money System and Debt Turned Out To Be a Lie?

The reality of the banking system is that everything you were taught about debt is not true.

The simple fact is that you do not owe any money. The actual transaction of a "loan" that you gave them a promise to pay and the "lender" gave you the same amount of promises to pay (Federal Reserve Notes).

Therefore, the transaction was complete according to the "lender's" accounting records.

Hear Jack McCaig tell his story of how he unraveled the great debt deception and created a process to get free of debt.

It is time to take back your power and this information can help you start that journey.

How to Pick a Good Fund Manager: A quick, comprehensive and independent guide for investors of all levels

Funds are an ideal solution for savers who want to invest in a variety of asset classes, such as equities and bonds, without having to commit the time and effort to becoming an expert themselves.

Not only do funds give you the ability to access some of the brightest investment brains in the world, they also enable you to access a wider range of markets and stocks than you could achieve directly, and to do so more efficiently.

However, with thousands of investment funds available available to investors, knowing how to select the right ones for your investment portfolio can be daunting. This candid eBook - written by a legendary investor in funds - solves this problem in a jargon-free, focused guide that is designed to take less than 30 minutes to read.

By removing the mystery surrounding successful investment in funds, and revealing what you should really look for, it empowers any investor to pick those funds with the greatest potential.

Real Estate Investors Investing in Lease Options

"Real Estate Investors Investing in Lease Options" teaches real estate investors and those interested in learning to invest in real estate how to control properties with lease options and why it's one of the best investing niches for investors. The book explains what lease options are and how they work, finding motivated sellers, turning leads into deals, making offers, how to create multiple profit centers using lease options, and closings to get paid. Anyone who wants to invest in lease options should pick this book up to get a good overview of the lease option niche of real estate investing.

Breaking Into Risk Management In Banks: Learn the fundamental skills of how to become a successful Risk Management Professional.

The book delivers fundamentals of Risk Management in banks - overview of the principles, processes, and frameworks of Risk Management.

Everything You Need to Know About Personal Finance in 1000 Words

Become a master of your finances in less than 10 minutes.Do you know that everything you need to know about personal finance can be summed up in only 1,000 words? What if I told you that you can learn how to handle your money better than a majority of your peers?

Now you can.

In this book you learn everything you could ever want to know about your money - in less than 10 minutes. That's all it will take for you to become a master of money.

How many articles and books do you see on personal finance? Hundreds? Thousands?

Blogs. Books. Podcasts. The resources you have at your disposal are limitless. You know what happens when you have limitless resources? You ignore them. All of them. But that is okay. This will be the only resource you will ever need on personal finance. That is what makes this book so special.

In this brief book you will learn:

How to control your spending habitsWhere you should focus your time when making a large purchaseHow to save thousands doing this one simple thingHow tracking every penny does NOT make you financially responsible and what you should do insteadWhat you should spend your money on (hint: it's not what you think) Why saving for only 10 years is better than saving for 32 yearsHow to make budgeting work for you, even if you hate it! How to make more moneyWhere you should focus your time and effort on to make more moneyThose habits of the richHow you make money work for youHow to avoid taxes legally.The specific investment you should chooseThe one type of mutual fund you should avoidHow you can simplify your financesWhat you can do to save for retirement every month without lifting a finger

If you do not want to learn everything about personal finance in 10 minutes or less, this book is not for you. However, if you want to take control of you money, grab this free eBook today. You'll be glad you did.

Well, what are you waiting for?! Scroll up and download your copy today!

The Rough Guide to Family Finance

The Rough Guide to Family Finance is a helpful all-encompassing guide to family life written by personal finance expert Annie Shaw. Whether you want to get better at everyday budgeting or you are planning for a family, this ebook outlines how to better manage, understand and plan your finances with confidence and look after your loved ones financially.

Don't miss the other guides in The Rough Guide to Personal Finance series. These handy, reliable and independent ebooks are brought to you by Rough Guides, in partnerships with Legal & General.

Good Debt Bad Debt: How To Master Debt And Prosper In Life

Forget the tired and outdated concept of working 40 years and retiring with a 401(k). We live in uncertain financial times. If your dream is escaping the typical work week and living your retirement in luxury then Good Debt Bad Debt is for you.

This guide to a plentiful retirement teaches:

How to change your mindset about money

How to identify good debt and bad debt

How to start buying assets that produce monthly income for you

How to use debt to fund your dream retirement

How to better spend your income no matter the size

The Rough Guide to Retirement (The Rough Guide to Personal Finance)

The Rough Guide to Retirement ebook looks at ways to help you prepare and to understand the options available to you when you eventually stop working. The earlier you start saving for your future the more lifestyle choices you will have and the better you'll be able to protect the things you love. Are you financially prepared for your post-work years?

Don't miss the other guides in The Rough Guide to Personal Finance series. These handy, reliable and independent ebooks are brought to you by Rough Guides, in partnership with Legal & General.

Money Fight Club Mini Training Manual: 10 Simple Ways to Save Money

This is the special offer mini training manual from Money Fight Club (MFC) - the revolutionary new way of keeping control of your finances and making the most of your cash. It outlines 10 basic moves designed to achieve quick results and save you money, by avoiding cons and getting the best deals EVERYWHERE - from banks, to utility bills, to supermarkets.

If you enjoy this mini manual, progress to champion status by buying the full Money Fight Club book. There you'll learn how to totally dominate your finances and beat the high street bullies who want to get their hands on your cash.

Stock Trading: Tips for Trading Stocks - From Stock Trading For Beginners To Stock Trading Strategies (Stock Trading Systems Book 1)

Why Reinvent The Wheel If You Don't Have To? Learn Stock Trading From Those Who Are Already Successful!

Successful stock traders are successful for a reason. They follow a tested and proven set of rules which help them trade effectively.

This stock trading book contains many time-tested stock trading tips/rules/guidelines gathered from numerous successful traders from all over the world. One of the most effective ways to become successful in any endeavor is to "model" yourself after those who are already successful. The tips/rules/guidelines will not only help to get you on the right path to successful stock trading, but help to keep you on the right path.

These useful tips are arranged based on a variety of stock trading topics for your quick and easy reference.

This book was designed as a collection of trading tips as a brief introduction to stock trading for beginners. If you are an experienced and successful trader then you are already putting into practice the information found inside this book. If you are new to trading stock, however, there are tips/rules/guidelines to help you in a number of different areas. If you are interested in more in-depth coverage of stock trading, please check out my other more advanced books in my Stock Trading Systems series.

Create A Simple StockTrading Plan - As the old saying goes, "if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail". Included are some basic guidelines to help you quickly and easily create a basic stock trading plan.

Stock Investing and Stock Day Trading - Whether you are interested in longer-term investing or shorter-term trading there are plenty of timely, useful trading tips for you.

Stock Trading Strategies - Learn the basics of stock trading strategies and why they are critical to your trading success.

Stock Trading Basics - This section of the stock trading guide contains a wide variety of solid trading tips and serves as an excellent reference.

Stock Trading Myths - Some of the things you will hear about stock trading are just plain nonsense. Learn about some common stock market myths that may already be costing you money.

Money Management - Learn the power of money management. Money management is the one key ingredient that can multiply your profits without multiplying your risk level.

Stock Trading Discipline - Learn the importance of trading discipline and why it is absolutely essential for your success.

Inside you will also find tips/rules/guidelines ranging from tips on getting started in stock trading to tips on such important topics as stock trading strategies, day trading stock, and much, much more.

You Can Read this book on your PC, Mac, Kindle device, Tablet, and even your SmartPhone!

Download this Kindle book and start to improve your stock trading today!

Making Money with Binary Options Financial Trading

Do you want to make some extra money? But you don't want to hold shares, bonds, options and so on. You like the extra bang for buck that spread betting gives you. But you don't like the extra risk involved. You know that markets can go up, down or sideways? Then that's all you need to make money with this little known trading platform.

Taking a reputable trading company as her example, Siobhan Ryan takes you by the hand through the basics of binary options financial trading. She explains the attractions of binary options; how to get started; the various binary options trading strategies that can be exploited; what to do and, more importantly, what not do. She advises on money management and explains how even a small start-up pot can build up to a substantial sum in a relatively short time.

Whether you are trading forex, commodities, high frequency trading, day trading or longer term, binary options is for you.

So if the answer to the initial question was "Yes", then give Making Money with Binary Options Financial Trading a go.

The Rough Guide to Work & Money (The Rough Guide to Personal Finance)

The Rough Guide to Work & Money is a comprehensive guide to money and the workplace, written by personal finance expert Melanie Wright. Whether you want to know more about work-related benefits or get to grips with your income, tax and pension schemes, this ebook will help you get started.

Don't miss the other guides in The Rough Guide to Personal Finance series. These handy, reliable and independent ebooks are brought to you by Rough Guides, in partnership with Legal & General.

Real Estate Investing: How to Find Private Money Lenders

"Real Estate Investing: How to Find Private Money Lenders" teaches real estate investors how to find private lenders with money to loan. The book discusses traditional Wall Street options and why someone would seek higher returns. The book goes on to explain what private money is and the desired qualities of private lenders, how to market to find these lenders, and how to speak to them once you've found them. Then, you will learn how to present your opportunity to a group of prospects, and finally, how to qualify the prospects to make sure you have a quality private lender able to loan money. This book does not explain hard money loans or hard money lenders. If you want to be successful in active real estate investing, having private money is almost a requirement. Get this book and get started investing in real estate with private money lenders!

Help on the Way

The costs of long term care are increasing every year, but most families do not understand what they will be confronting when it is their time to start paying for care. Too many people wait until they are in the midst of a crisis situation before they start trying to figure out how the world of long term care works. Long term care is a very expensive proposition. Families can go broke trying to provide for a loved one, and the shame is that if there is a life insurance policy it can be easily converted to help cover these costs. There are literally millions of seniors that are struggling with the costs of long term care who will abandon a life insurance policy without realizing they could be holding the solution to their problem in their hands.

Do you know the differences between Medicare and Medicaid, and what you must do to qualify? Do you know the differences between Home Care, Assisted Living and Nursing Home care? Do you know what is and is not covered? Also, did you know that a life insurance policy can be converted to pay for Assisted Living, Home Care and all other forms of long term care?

In this book you will learn exactly what a Long Term Care Benefit Plan is and how it works; gain helpful information about Medicare and Medicaid; receive some guidance on the various forms of senior care; explain more about the legal rights of owning life insurance; learn more about laws in the states that have been introduced to make sure life policy owners are being informed about their options before going onto Medicaid; and delve into the "Silver Tsunami" generation and how they are impacting the future of our country.

Easiest Way to Find New York State Missing Funds

Discover multiple ways on locating missing funds, not only for yourself, but for your family members and friends. No registration or sign up needed. Avoid missing those misspelled names with my simple specific steps. No need to be a skeptic with "Billions" of names displaying on this massive database. Even if you owe money, you lose nothing by checking but may discover your missing funds.

Control Your Money - the First Steps: Financial Latte: Volume 5

'Control Your Money - the First Steps' is another installment in the 'Financial Latte' series and is written by Joseph E Poff, CPA, a seasoned Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with lots of information and insights to share from his 30+ years of financial and business experience. This book covers in about a half hour some of the key concepts of getting control of your money. From Joe's experience, people often aren't sure where to start in controlling their own personal finances and in most cases aren't really sure what is wrong - other than they could use more money. Vague responses and claims of unexpected expenses usually summarize the other reasons. Joe explains and illustrates common issues people from all income levels face with their money and discusses strategies for a successful future. He also shows how people often handicap themselves and how to avoid it. Don't set yourself up for a lifetime of financial worry - take steps now to change your financial direction. In a nice, easy to understand format, Joe goes over some of the key points of controlling your money and how to take the first steps. He discusses the emotional aspects such as common goals with your partner, your goals as well as practical concepts such as the importance of loan and recordkeeping strategies. Have a 'Financial Latte' with Joe and have him shed some light on various aspects of how you can 'Control Your Money - the First Steps'. Be sure and check out Joe's other books in the 'Financial Latte' series with topics currently available covering 'Your House Purchase - the Process', 'Rent Out Your Old Residence', 'I Want to Sell My Business', 'Stock Market and Financial Investing' and 'Easy Receipt Keeping'