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New Frontiers in Social Innovation Research

This book is open access under a CC BY license. Interest in social innovation continues to rise, from governments setting up social innovation 'labs' to large corporations developing social innovation strategies. Yet theory lags behind practice, and this hampers our ability to understand social innovation and make the most of its potential. This collection brings together work by leading social innovation researchers globally, exploring the practice and process of researching social innovation, its nature and effects. Combining theoretical chapters and empirical studies, it shows how social innovation is blurring traditional boundaries between the market, the state and civil society, thereby developing new forms of services, relationships and collaborations. It takes a critical perspective, analyzing potential downsides of social innovation that often remain unexplored or are glossed over, yet concludes with a powerful vision of the potential for social innovation to transform society. It aims to be a valuable resource for students and researchers, as well as policymakers and others supporting and leading social innovation.

Cruel World

The Early Years: Child Well-Being and the Role of Public Policy (Development in the Americas)

This book is open access under a CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 IGO license. The Early Years analyzes the development of Latin American and Caribbean children and makes a compelling case for government intervention in what is instinctively a family affair. Spending on effective programs for young children is an investment that, if done well, will have very high returns, while failure to implement such programs will lower the returns on the hefty investments being made in primary, secondary, and higher education. Policies for young children belong at the core of a country's development agenda, alongside policies to develop infrastructure and strengthen institutions. However, if the services provided (or funded) by governments are to benefit children, they must be substantially better than what is currently being delivered in the region. This book offers suggestions for improving public policy in this critical area.

The Land-War In Ireland (1870) A History For The Times

This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers. You may find it for free on the web. Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.

FREE Introducing Graphic Guide Sampler

Introducing Graphic Guides is the bestselling series which explores big ideas from Quantum Theory to Psychoanalysis using concise, authoritative text and graphic novel-style illustrations.

For the very first time 28 titles are now available in ebook format for all e-reading devices.

This free ebook sampler contains extracts from six books:

Introducing Psychology asks what exactly psychology is, precisely, where has it come from and the extent to which it can be considered scientific.

Introducing Quantum Theory explores bizarre paradoxes which contradict the logic of classical physics in the work of Planck, Einstein, Bohr, Heisenberg, Schrodinger and others

Introducing Islam recounts the history of the religion from the 6th century to its status as a global culture and political force today.

Introducing Statistics book traces the rise of statistics from the ancient Babylonians, Egyptians and Chinese, to the censuses of Romans and the Greeks, and the modern emergence of the term itself in Europe.

Introducing Capitalism tells the story of the remarkable and often ruthless rise of capitalist politics and economics, which have evolved through strife and struggle as much as innovation and enterprise

Introducing Feminism explores women's conscious struggle to resist discrimination and sexist oppression from the 17th century to the present day.

Find out more about the series at

The Practices of Happiness (Open Access): Political Economy, Religion and Wellbeing (Routledge Frontiers of Political Economy)

Identifies the nature and role of the religious contribution to wellbeing. This title explores the religious dimensions to the many key features of well-being, including marriage, crime and rehabilitation, work, inequality, mental health, environment, participation, institutional theory, business and trade.

The Fables of Fixed Income

According to Apollonius of Tyana, a 1st century philosopher, the fable writer Aesop "made use of humble incidents to teach great truths." Following in this tradition, this simple guide from Aberdeen Asset Management - illustrated by John Devolle - can help anyone to separate fixed income fact from fixed income fiction and encourage them to explore the wonderful and diverse world of bonds.

If Greece goes…: The impact of a Greek default on Europe and the world economy

The Financial Times, the global business newspaper, has led the field with its coverage of the eurozone crisis and Greece's political and financial chaos. As the chances of a Greek exit from the eurozone grow, the FT's specialist correspondents and authoritative columnists dissect the potentially devastating consequences for businesses and governments across Europe. Could a 'Grexit' spell the unravelling of the European Union? Should the world economy take cover? What would the impact be on Greece itself?

Based on a series of articles published online and in print in May 2012, this highly topical, clear and concise book includes a foreword by Lionel Barber, the FT's editor, an updated introduction to possible scenarios in the months ahead and a new chapter on the options for Germany. Contributors include award-winning commentators Martin Wolf, Wolfgang Munchau and Gillian Tett, foreign correspondents Peter Spiegel and Quentin Peel, economics editor Chris Giles and banking editor Patrick Jenkins.

The New Colombia: Peace and prosperity in sight: the country comes of age

Colombia is usually associated with drug cartels, guerrilla wars and

violence. But the biggest Spanish-speaking country after Mexico is changing.

The economy is already larger, by some measures, than South Africa's; if

peace talks are successful, it will do better still. This free ebook is an

indispensable guide to the new Colombia, reproducing a magazine published

earlier this year by the Financial Times.

FT writers interview President Juan Manuel Santos and profile both the

Bogota establishment and young Colombians to watch. They explore the

development challenges of the Colombian outback and the rise of a new

national export - security expertise ranging from bullet proof fashion to

mercenaries. Essays by Oscar Naranjo, former head of the national police,

and Malcolm Deas, historian, provide further context.

Against Corruption: A book of essays

Corruption is the cancer at the heart of many of the world's problems. It destroys jobs and holds back growth. It fuels instability and terrorism. It traps the poorest in poverty. It even corrodes trust in the sports we love.

In this collection of essays leading politicians, activists, journalists and academics begin a global debate about how we can fight back.

Harriman Investing Insights: Sample Chapters from 6 Top Investment Books

In this free eBook, you will find a sample chapter from six of Harriman House's

most recent and best investing books:

1. Multiply Your Money by Nick Louth

2. The Idle Investor by Edmund Shing

3. 7 Successful Stock Market Strategies by Glenn Martin

4. Excess Returns by Frederik Vanhaverbeke

5. The Lazy Fundamental Analyst by Fred Piard

6. The New Value Investing by C. Thomas Howard

The 50 Ideas that Shaped Business Today

What were the top 50 ideas, inventions and innovations that created the business

world as we know it today? The Financial Times set out to answer this question with

the help of its readers, reporters and a panel of judges from business,

academia and journalism. The resulting list, initially published as an FT magazine, encompassed technology, energy, aviation, finance, the law and, of course, people, including the power of women as leaders, employees and consumers. This free ebook not only looks at the ideas that created business today; it attempts to predict those that will create the business world of tomorrow - from cars that talk to each other to the disappearance of cash.

Growing a better future: Food Justice in a resource-constrained world (expanded edition English)

The global food system works only for the few - for most of us it is broken. It leaves the billions who consume food lacking sufficient power and knowledge about what they buy and eat, and the majority of small food producers dis-empowered and unable to fulfil their productive potential. The failure of the system flows from failures of government - failures to regulate, to correct, to protect, to resist, to invest - which mean that companies, interest groups, and elites are able to plunder resources and to redirect flows of finance, knowledge, and food.

Growing a Better Future describes a new age of growing crisis: food price spikes and oil price hikes, devastating weather events, financial meltdowns, and global contagion. It shows how the food system is at once a driver of this fragility and highly vulnerable to it, and why in the twenty-first century it leaves 925 million people hungry.

Growing a Better Future supports a new campaign with a simple message: another future is possible and we can build it together. Over the coming years, decisive action around the world could enable hundreds of millions more people to feed their families and prevent catastrophic climate change from destroying their (and our) futures.

In this new enhanced edition, Oxfam adds papers and research which develop and update the main themes of the report: land, and the growing scandal surrounding the new wave of investments ('land grabs'); how climate change is related to food security and the East African food crisis; and how people living in poverty around the world have coped with food price crises. There are also extended case studies from Bolivia, Brazil, Guatemala, India, Malawi, and Nepal, and an extended and updated bibliography and resources list.

Harriman Trading Insights: Sample Chapters from 5 Top Books

In this free eBook, you will find a sample chapter from five of Harriman House's

most recent and best trading books:

1. The Trading Playbook by Mike Gouvalaris

2. 7 Simple Strategies of Highly Effective Traders by Alpesh B. Patel and Paresh H. Kiri

3. Tramline Trading by John Burford

4. Diary of a Currency Trader by Samuel J. Rae

5. Crowd Money by Eoin Treacy

The World Bank Annual Report 2014

The Annual Report is prepared by the Executive Directors of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) and the International Development Association (IDA)--collectively known as the World Bank--in accordance with the by-laws of the two institutions. The President of the IBRD and IDA and the Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors submits the Report, together with the accompanying administrative budgets and audited financial statements, to the Board of Governors.

China's Belt and Road Initiative: Motives, Scope, and Challenges

China's commercial ties with the outside world have long been symbolized by the ancient Silk Road, which began as a tortuous trading network of mountain paths and sea routes that provided a lifeline for the Chinese economy. Now the leadership in Beijing is reviving the concept with an ambitious plan to build and upgrade highways, railways, ports, and other infrastructure throughout Asia and Europe designed to enrich the economies of China and some 60 of its nearby trading partners. The so-called Belt and Road Initiative has generated enthusiasm and high hopes but also skepticism and wariness. And as big as China's ambitions are, many obstacles stand in the way. In this volume of essays edited by Sean Miner and Simeon Djankov, PIIE experts analyze the initiative's opportunities for China and the world, along with the logistical problems and political, economic, and security implications that have generated concerns.

India’s Rise: Toward Trade-Led Growth

A new study by C. Fred Bergsten shows that India could increase its exports by $500 billion per year by joining the next stage of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement. Bergsten argues trade liberalization would enable India to increase its annual economic growth to 8 to 10 percent, as targeted by the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Millions of new jobs would be created as a result, and poverty would be substantially further reduced. By contrast, India will lose as much as $50 billion of current exports because of increasing discrimination against it by other countries if it remains outside the new global trade network. This network includes the plurilateral agreements on international services, environmental goods, and government procurement now being negotiated in and around the World Trade Organization as well as the TPP and other megaregional arrangements. To be accepted into these agreements, India will have to implement the economic reform program proposed by the Modi government. It will also have to liberalize its own markets to international trade and investment in order to persuade other countries to open their markets to its exports. To join the TPP, or a Free Trade Area of the Asia Pacific as proposed by China that might succeed it, India will probably first have to join the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum within the next couple of years. President Barack Obama has welcomed India's interest in APEC and, if India adopts the needed policy changes, should strongly support Indian membership.

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