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A very green Donkey: Snippets: Authentic & Uncensored from a Woman Scientist's Memoir

This light-hearted scientist's memoir contains a selection of authentic episodes and views. Some 40 snippets illustrate how things were seen and done in the past century: not as an autobiography but as authentic fragments of a life in retrospect. Some snippets focus on boarding-school life in England in the 1940s, growing up in World War II, life as an impecunious student in London and generation gaps between now and then (some hilarious). The last century is given critical attention.

A BSc in physics was followed by a PhD in biophysics from King's College London University. Other snippets describe the comic, sometimes perilous experiences of the young aspiring research scientist at home and abroad. These included astonishing taxi rides in Luxembourg, Mumbai, Cairo, New Orleans and Rio de Janeiro. From the National Research Council in Ottawa various appointments led to the Columbia Medical Center in New York, a Cancer Institute in Paris and the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna which included running seminars in India, Argentina, Brazil, the States, the USSR and the continent of Europe.

Disconcerting incidents sometimes revealed humorous aspects in retrospect: even an (abandoned) suicide or getting in the wrong car, boat or train abroad. The German Bundesbahn actually held up two trains for her. Ultimately, it all led up to a greater ability to laugh at herself - and life!

The First Shot (Line Them Up Book 1)

When everyday life is anything but everyday.

Ten short sharp columns on a range of topics. It's a pick 'n' mix collection of funny takes on family life, political observations, rants and daydreams. Is Father Christmas real? Do we need a fairer deal for the old? How to hang wallpaper in a ballgown and how to survive long distant car journeys. These shots are a lovely, light-hearted collection. They will make you laugh out loud, stop and think about larger concerns or just enjoy the beautiful descriptions of a gorgeous world as seen through her eyes.

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You Are Queen!

"There is life after crisis!"

Founder, Glenda Springer sang this in the mission of the women's ministry called the Regina Project. This book weaves the threads of Queen Tif's heart on her quest to find her place as an empowered confident woman of God in the midst of adversity. It connects the lives of many other queens to Queen Tif in how they inspired, taught, and motivated her on this quest with the right balance of unity, love, and fellowship in the refuge of the Regina Project.

An Autobiography

This is a pre-1923 historical reproduction that was curated for quality. Quality assurance was condu....

The Queen of Underwear from Vietnam: Beauty of the soul of women

The Queen of Underwear from Vietnam - NGOC TRINH

Beauty of the soul of women