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Harry's Games, Wit and Wisdom

A FREE extended extract from the forthcoming biography of Harry Redknapp, including the Wit & Wisdom of the greatest football manager England never had (with apologies to Brian Clough).

Who is Harry Redknapp? Football genius or football chancer? Master tactician or practical joker? How is it that even when he was facing court proceedings for tax evasion so many people were still seriously tipping him to be the next England manager? How can one man have two such diametrically opposed and incompatible career trajectories? Does the longing to have an English manager in charge of the national side warp people's thinking?'

To Portsmouth fans, Redknapp was the man who walked on water and won them an FA Cup. To Southampton fans, he is still the devil incarnate who had them relegated before jumping ship to their arch rivals. Spurs fans weren't sure what he was, bit didn't care as long as he kept the team together and winning. Sometimes he's the Messiah, at others the clown. Whoever he is, Crace is determined to find out.

Tiger, Tiger on the Green: The Amazing Tiger Woods Story...Golf, Girls and Greatness (Sports Unlimited Book 2)

Tiger, Tiger on the Green...Fame, Sex & Money: The Amazing Tiger Woods Story

Discover the amazing tale of Tiger's amazing rise to fame, and the shocking secrets behind the scandals that brought him crashing back to earth. You will learn the secrets of how Tiger became one of the greatest sportsmen ever, and the shocking story of the sex scandals that almost ruined him.

To many, the sport golf is synonymous to the name Tiger Woods. One cannot be mentioned without the other in the same breath. Why is this so? What had made Tiger Woods a household name in golf?

Read about all you need to know about the rise, fall and comeback of one of the world's highest paid athletes and find out for yourself what made Tiger the man we all know him to be today

What's Inside?

Included in this biography are pictures of Tiger Woods through the years to accompany the story about his rise to golf stardom, the snags in his professional career and the scandals that led to his failed marriage with former model Elin Nordegren. This ebook is not just about Tiger Woods, The Golf Superstar. This is also about Tiger Woods, The Man Behind the Limelight.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Tiger Cub

Chapter 2: A Cub No More

Chapter 3: Hear Me Roar

Chapter 4: The Lady and the Tiger

Chapter 5: On The Prowl

Chapter 6: A Different Kind of Hunt

Chapter 7: Bad Tiger Bad

Chapter 8: The Aftermath

Chapter 9: Beneath The Stripes

Chapter 10: I, Tiger

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If you think you have seen, heard and read all about there is regarding Tiger Woods, it is strongly recommended that you pick up this ebook. He contents herein may surprise you, move you or astound you. You never really know until you start with the first chapter. In 35 pages, read all about the juicy bits that made him one of the most controversial athletes of the decade.


This is the story of a man who hated running as a child but ended up completing the Marathon des Sables. It follows my training from the first tentative steps, through my first marathon attempt, to a blow by blow account of the crushing lows and soaring highs of my time in the desert. This memoir is an expression and an explanation of my unlikely love affair with running.

Bubba Watson: Victory at the Masters

"I don't play the sport for fame. I don't try to win tournaments for fame. I don't do any of that. It's just me. I'm just Bubba. I goof around. I joke around. I just want to be me and play golf." --Bubba Watson

Widely recognized as one of the game's longest hitters for the better part of a decade, Bubba Watson has successfully reinvented himself since picking up his first PGA Tour victory in the summer of 2010.

In this collection, the staff of Golf Channel profiles the enigmatic player whose stunning victory in the 2012 Masters featured four birdies on the final six holes of regulation and one of the most memorable shots in tournament history on the second hole of a sudden-death playoff.

Relive Bubba's monumental victory day by day as Golf Channel's writers examine his game before and during the incredible win in Augusta. Included are a prologue and epilogue from John Hawkins, thoughts about what's next for the Masters Champion, a photo gallery capturing Bubba's surprise visit to Golf Channel's "Morning Drive" and additional photos taken during his popular interview with David Feherty.

Still Turning Left

When 35 of the best stock car racing drivers came together to contest the World Championship in September 2013, few people predicted that James Rygor would come from the back of the grid in his debut World Final to claim the greatest prize in the sport. Yet Rygor snatched glory in the dying moments, a dramatic finish to one of the finest races in the history of oval motorsport.

In this short sequel to KEEP TURNING LEFT, Scott Reeves recounts the spectacular World Final and meets the new World Champion. Featuring colour photographs and based on interviews with James Rygor, this is the story of one racing driver's journey to shock success.

The Mighty Pies and My Mighty Dad: A Collingwood Love Story 1953

Peter loved the Magpies--so named because of their black and white jumpers. Every Saturday afternoon during the footy season, he was glued to the radio, hanging on every word of the commentators. If Collingwood lost, he was in tears.

On the day of this story, when the Pies were in front approaching three-quarter time, and his Dad spontaneously called him to jump in the car--so that he could catch the last quarter at the ground--he was in the car faster than a Thorald Merrett stab-pass.

But this story is less about Collingwood and footy, than it is about the author's relationship with his Dad, and the inspiration he gained as a boy from his sporting heroes.

Peter learned anything is possible with enough preparation, will and grit. Or at least much more is possible than we believe, for we simply don't know our limits--as individuals or, in this case, as a team.

This is a yarn about a 9-year-old lad, his Dad, and Collingwood--the football team they adored. Peter le Breton shares his memories of life in Melbourne in the 1950s, when his Dad was a chiropractor with patients who played for the Collingwood Football Club.

Although Collingwood lost this match, they went on, against the odds, to beat Geelong in the 1953 Grand Final.

The People's Champ: 50 Muhammad Ali Quotes

Muhammad Ali (1942-2016) was an American former heavyweight champion boxer and one of the greatest sporting figures of the 20th century. An Olympic gold medalist and the first fighter to capture the heavyweight title three times, Ali won 56 times in his 21-year professional career. Ali's outspokenness on issues of race, religion and politics made him a controversial figure during his career, and the heavyweight's quips and taunts were as quick as his fists. Born Cassius Clay Jr., Ali changed his name in 1964 after joining the Nation of Islam. Citing his religious beliefs, he refused military induction and was stripped of his heavyweight championship and banned from boxing for three years during the prime of his career. Parkinson's syndrome severely impaired Ali's motor skills and speech, but he remained active as a humanitarian and goodwill ambassador.

Bill Veeck's Crosstown Classic (Chicago Shorts)

Baseball Hall of Famer Bill Veeck (1914-86) was an inspired team builder, a consummate showman, and one of the greatest baseball men ever involved in the game. Bill Veeck's Crosstown Classic, drawn from his uproarious autobiography (cowritten with the talented sportswriter Ed Linn), is an unforgettable trip packed with anecdotes and insight about the history of baseball and tales of players and owners--some of the most entertaining stories in all of sports literature. Veeck's own love for the game began when his father was manager and then President of the Chicago Cubs; upon his father's death in 1930, Veeck was hired as an office boy for eighteen dollars a week. Here, Veeck recollects those halcyon days and how they underscored his development as a wily franchise owner, leading up to quite a rumpus, many years later, during his purchase of the White Sox from the "Battling Comiskeys."

My Idols - Journey of a Cricket Crazy

India and Indians are crazy for two things. Cricket and Bollywood. So there are only two kinds of people, who have unconditional fan following in India. That is Film actors and Cricket players. There are millions of Indians, who are huge fan of Cricket and cricketers. The book is all about collection of memoirs of the author in regard with his idols in the game. Book gives inside in to career span of few of the most prolific Indian cricketers in contemporary Cricket and few of greatest in international Cricket. The career path of them is embedded with most splendid performance of these players and interesting anecdotes (few of them are untold). All in all, a full sketch of these players in a very concise and interesting manner. There are chapters on: - Sachin Tendulkar Kapil Dev Kris Srikkanth Javagal Srinath Mohd. Azharruddin Ajay Jadeja Rahul Dravid Viv Richard Wasim Akram Shane Warne Author - Pankaj Agrawal