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Excellent Things in Women: A Memoir of Postcolonial Pakistan (Chicago Shorts)

Sometimes, only the most heartbreaking memories possess the capacity--in their elegiac immediacy--to take our breath away. With Excellent Things in Women, Sara Suleri offers the reader a delicately wrought memoir of life in postcolonial Pakistan. Suleri intertwines the violent history of Pakistan's independence with her own intimate experiences--relating the tumult of growing up female during a time of fierce change in the Middle East in the 1960s and '70s. In the two selections presented here, "Excellent Things in Women" and "Meatless Days," we watch as Suleri re-encounters the relationships that inform her voyage from adolescence to womanhood--with her Welsh mother; her Pakistani father, prominent political journalist Z. A. Suleri; and her tenacious grandmother, Dadi, along with her five siblings--as she comes to terms with the difficulties of growing up and her own complicated passage to the West.

The Art of Backscratching in Chicago: Driving with Ed McElroy (Chicago Shorts)

"Ed McElroy, clear of eye, sound of mind, and eighty-three years of age . . . guides his black Cadillac down Halsted Street." So begins longtime Chicago journalist Neil Steinberg's nuanced homage to Ed McElroy: an old-school, behind-the-scenes backscratcher who has driven the rich, powerful, and well-connected around the city, doing favors and calling them in, for decades. Helping a young Steinberg understand the city, McElroy and his take on how a Mayor's son gets to be Mayor and how a wily up-and-comer marries the daughter of a powerful alderman and later becomes governor would enthrall even the most seasoned Chicagoan. In this drive around town and through time, Steinberg ultimately serves up audacious and funny anecdotes about how it helps to stay connected, to know a guy, and to help people out when you can.

The Sundial Series, part 2 The First Names: The First Names (The Sundail Series.)

Having arrived back to his intriguing Victorian school building, our author introduces us to his equally intriguing classroom contemporaries, including a cumbersome farmers son, tipsy publicans daughter, army officers son, horse riding girls, a mythological witch and wandering vagrant tramp...

Hasheesh Eater

The Incident at Naples

Stapled Wrappers

Christmas in Georgepatch

Imagine a small town in Central Texas. Imagine a mother whose favorite time of year is Christmas--how she transforms that time into a continuous celebration of lights and fragrances and delicious goodies from her oven. Add to this the hunt for the best tree, the taste of Cheese Batter Buns, the electric train circling under the branches. . . nice! But there is something more, something mysterious that radiates through her warm enthusiasm that attaches a permanent sense of joy to the season which reignites like the star itself year after year, as we chose a tree, bake batter buns and bring our changing family together once again. Love. That is the magic we've been searching for, the magic that makes this story a lasting memory.