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Living with Disfigurement in Early Medieval Europe (The New Middle Ages)

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Trapped: Part 1 of 3

Trapped can either be read as a full-length eBook or in 3 serialised eBook-only parts.

This is PART 1 of 3 (Chapters 1-10 of 35).

You can read Part 1 two weeks ahead of release of the full-length eBook and paperback.

Phoebe, an autistic nine-year-old girl, is taken into police protection after a chance comment to one of her teachers alerts the authorities that all might not be what it seems in her comfortable, middle-class home. Experienced foster carer Rosie accepts the youngster as an emergency placement knowing that her autism will represent a challenge - not only for her but also for the rest of the family.

But after several shocking incidents of self-harming, Pica and threats to kill, it soon becomes apparent that Phoebe's autism may be the least of her problems.

Locked for nine years in a secret world of severe abuse, as Phoebe opens up about her horrific past, her foster carer begins to suspect that Phoebe may not be suffering from autism at all.

Cyborgs in Latin America

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The Woman Who Lost Her Face: How Charla Nash Survived the World's Most Infamous Chimpanzee Attack

"Through Charla I have learned that the will to survive is a powerful force and that human courage knows no bounds." --NBC's Meredith VieiraViciously attacked by a chimpanzee in 2009, Charla Nash was left so severely disfigured that she no longer had eyes to see the world, hands to feel it or even a face to show it. By her own doctors' accounts, she never should have survived her injuries.Charla's story is one of incredible strength, fierce determination and cutting-edge medicine. NBC News and Meredith Vieira have been covering the story since the life-altering attack, documenting Charla's unfaltering spirit and the remarkable surgeries that not only kept her alive, but gave her a new face and, ultimately, restored her very humanity.Featuring candid and exclusive interviews with Charla, her family, her doctors and the chimpanzee's owner, The Woman Who Lost Her Face is an intimate look at Charla's life before and after the attack. This in-depth account takes you inside the operating rooms and hospitals where medical history was made and includes new details about the chimpanzee who mauled Charla to the brink of death and the woman who raised the animal as her son. The Woman Who Lost Her Face also features never-before-seen images of Charla and insight from the NBC News producers and reporters who covered the story.


Thyroid Cancer For Beginners I hope will be informative for anyone newly diagnosed. It charts my four-year journey from first finding a lump in my neck, through surgery to remove the thyroid gland and subsequently being given a diagnosis of papillary thyroid cancer. Also, the reader will find out what happens during radioactive Iodine treatment, and how I felt at the time after having to undergo further surgery to remove cancerous lymph nodes some two years later. It includes snippets of family life, and the effect my illness had on my immediate family.

Rho Magna, the Laotian War Dragon (Short Story)

Combat fighter pilot Mark Berent writes of a dragon-shaped karst mountain in Laos along the Ho Chi Minh Trail that bristles with physical and psychological danger. He writes of it as he first saw it on an F-4 FAC mission from Ubon RTAFB in 1969. Then he adds an excerpt from "Phantom Leader," one of his historical fiction novels about war and politics in the Vietnam era.

John Stuart Mill: Life, Life Lessons & Achievements: Childhood and Early Education, Moral Influences in Early Youth, Youthful Propagandism, Completion ... of Political Economy", Parliamentary Life

This classic memoir brings the complete biography of the one of the greatest thinkers of the western philosophy. Mill is considered to be the most influential mind of liberalism. His work contributed greatly to the development of social theory, political theory and political economy thanks to which he earned the title of "the most influential English-speaking philosopher of the nineteenth century". In this book, John Stuart Mill described his life from childhood and early education until old age. He wrote about his main interests, notable ideas and great influences.


Childhood and Early Education

Moral Influences in Early Youth

My Father's Character and Opinions

Last Stage of Education, and First of Self-education

Youthful Propagandism

The "Westminster Review"

A Crisis in My Mental History

One Stage Onward

Commencement of the Most Valuable Friendship of My Life

My Father's Death

Writings and Other Proceedings Up to 1840

General View of the Remainder of My Life

Completion of the "System of Logic"

Publication of the "Principles of Political Economy"


Retirement From the India House

Publication of "Liberty"

"Considerations on Representative Government"

Civil War in America

Examination of Sir William Hamilton's Philosophy

Parliamentary Life

Remainder of My Life

2 Weeks a Year? Finding Humor while deployed to Iraq

This is a different look at one soldiers deployment to Iraq in 2003. It highlights the thoughts and emotions of a "Civilian Soldier" suddenly thrust into deploying to Iraq with a National Guard unit.

Originally, this work was a series of emails sent to family members during the deployment. In order to keep them from worrying the focus was the more mundane and humorous moments of life while deployed. This is a work designed to pull those not familiar with the military into the deployment along with the author wondering what will happen next.

The Stoics

The Stoics provides fascinating insight into the private lives of the Greek Stoics, giving a voice to those early trailblazers whose influential works have long since been lost: Zeno of Citium Ariston of Chios Herillus of Carthage Dionysius the Renegade Cleanthes of Assos Sphaerus of Bosphorus Chrysippus of Soli


Thoughts of Marcus Aurelius Antoninus