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Transformer: The Complete Lou Reed Story

A triumph - Time OutTransformer is the only complete and comprehensive telling of the Lou Ree....

How to Be a Pop Star

Olivia Redmond is a London-based singer with a keen eye for style and a pout that just won't quit. All she's ever wanted is to be a singer, and believe me, the girl can sing. At the age of 16, young Olivia was a member of SoundGirl, a three-piece female band that recorded teenage anthems about boys and heartbreak and even opened for Justin Bieber. But when the group split up in April 2012, a story as common as any in the music business, Olivia decided instead of just giving up and taking the easy road, she would go solo and pursue her dream of a solo career.

Introducing Liv. Popular culture as we know it would crash and burn without the pop star, that over-the-top and often enigmatic figure of the music industry who makes music to confirm our emotions and identities and to soundtrack our sex and workout sessions. But are pop stars born, or are they manufactured? Over the past 30 years, we've had a number of hit star-making shows on television aimed to find the next hottest pop star, from Star Search and Popstars to American Idol and The Voice. But these shows are really just popularity contests. How to Be a Pop Star follows the real journey of one pop singer as she deals with the realities of the contemporary music industry and how she stays true to herself in the process. Meet the girl behind the image.

Taylor Swift: The Whole Story FREE SAMPLER

INCLUDES EXCLUSIVE BONUS CHAPTER: The Wit and Wisdom of Taylor Swift

The first 2 chapters from the full story of Taylor Swift's stratospheric rise to fame; all any dedicated Swifty needs to know about the pop superstar who's taking over the world.

A small-town girl with an incredible talent, and the strength to realise her dream, Taylor has grown into an award-winning, chart-topping artist and worldwide star, as well as a strong and stylish woman. But how did she get there? And what lies in store for her in the future?

From childhood dreams of a musical future in Pennsylvania, to determined and budding teen musician with a trademark she's stayed faithful to ever since: honest lyrics about real-life events; her fight to be taken seriously in the music industry, through to the rewards of success and the intense pressure of expectation, Taylor Swift: The Whole Story is a full account of Taylor's incredible journey, with everything you need to know about America's Sweetheart.

This compelling book is packed full of fascinating details revealing the true Taylor - what drives, motivates and moves her, how she overcame the challenges that loomed on the road to fame and how authentic her wholesome image is, plus the truth about her relationships with Harry Styles, Jake Gyllenhaal and Conor Kennedy and who she's really talking about on her tracks.

The full portrait of a girl who could so easily have faded into the background - but who blossomed in the spotlight into a grounded, graceful and inspiring young woman.

EMINEM: (Free Gift eBook Inside!) The Real Marshall Mathers, My Idol - Eminem (The Story of Slim Shady)

Some know him as The Real "Slim Shady," others call him Marshall Mathers, but he is most well known by his street and artist name, Eminem. Eminem is one of America's most well-known Caucasian rappers and has been making a name for himself for about 16 years, presumably as one of the most controversial and well-known rappers of the 21st century. He has also been credited as the father of modern rap, and has set the stage for all of today's rapping stars.

Not only has he been credited with being an amazing rap star, but also he has also dabbled in writing autobiographies, songwriting, producing and even acting and voice acting a little bit. During his short time in the musical spotlight, he has received countless awards and has passed some of his most famous competitors. Not only has his music been widely received, but also it has made a lasting impact on the generation ahead. He also has a great testimonial about overcoming tragedy, circumstances and poverty in order to come up and make something of himself.

Michael Jackson: The Seven Secrets of His Success

Behind the hype and the headlines, the speculation and innuendo, lies an incredible story of monumental success, a man who audaciously dreamed of becoming the biggest star in the world, and then spectacularly made it reality. Of the countless books written about the King of Pop, no-one has ever decoded how he achieved such astonishing success... until now.

Join investigative author Ronan Ryan as he lifts the curtain on the billion-dollar entertainer, revealing how Michael Jackson worked, dreamed, meditated, found inspiration, executed incredible goals, dealt with setbacks and reinvented the gifts of the masters before him. Discover why he wore only one glove, how Bruce Lee transformed his dance style, and why recording in the dark unleashed his best vocals, among many other fascinating insights.

Filled with inspirational quotes from Michael himself, the secrets chart a road-map to success; a how-to guide for anyone who aspires to greatness. Michael learned from the greats and became the greatest, and now that his secrets are revealed, how will they change your life?

So Lonesome: Hank Williams and the Creation of Country Music (Chicago Shorts)

Hank Williams (1923-53) was an American singer-songwriter and musician regarded as the most important country music artist of all time, creator of an unforgettable sound and persona that helped to define the genre from its infancy and beyond. Though unable to read or notate music to any substantive degree, Williams recorded 11 number one hits between 1948 and 1953, which carried him to music's mainstream and left an enduring legacy. In So Lonesome, Richard A. Peterson captures the free-wheeling entrepreneurial spirit of an era gone by, when the Grand Ole Opry put Nashville's star on the map, while detailing how Williams came to fame and helped launch country music both during his life and after his death. More than just a history of the music and one of its most celebrated performers, So Lonesome explores what it means to live an authentic life within the confines of marketing popular culture.