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Lee Kuan Yew: The Unofficial Biography

This is the biography of the great Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, whom Mr Obama has mentioned to be one of the greatest men in the 20th and 21st century.

Mr Lee was nominated as among the top 100 people in Time 100 that affect the world.

In this short unofficial biography, you will get to know the intelligence, thoughts, wisdom and character of a great leader.

Do check out Book 2... Lee Kuan Yew : Inspiring Life Changing Habits of LKY. Just model after some of his successful habits and see how you can improve your life too!

Cautionary tales for the modern investor: The seven deadly sins of multi-asset investing

Investing is an activity that's rife with opportunity to fall into bad habits, be led astray or make decisions for the wrong reasons. Being aware of the behavioural traps and temptations that lie in wait for the unwary investor is the first step to avoiding them.

The Seven Deadly Sins were formulated in early Christian teachings to make followers mindful of man's natural vices - lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride.

On the following pages, The Seven Deadly Sins are adapted to the world of multi-asset investment, revealing the all-too-common investor tendencies that the authors look to avoid in order to achieve reliable long-term performance.

Being SAGE: 50th Anniversary Edition

Over drinks with her favorite professor and her future husband, a 25-year-old Sara Miller founded one of the most influential academic publishing houses on the planet. This career-spanning autobiography follows Sara Miller McCune and the company that emerged from that cocktail hour, SAGE Publishing. Read along as over 50 years SAGE grows from publishing a single journal promoted by direct mail (from a list provided by Daniel Patrick Moynihan) into a globe-spanning and proudly independent company with a core belief that engaged scholarship lies at the heart of any healthy society.

While the book is an excellent source for those interested in publishing, education (especially the rise of social science in the post-war academy), and entrepreneurship, perhaps its most powerful impact is as an inspiring tale for young women anxious to start their own business and chart an independent course in life.

This book is only available in e-book format.

corporate [g]ripping stories: mamma, che impresa!

This publication is part of the Mamma, che impresa! project, a workshop that promotes corporate culture, founded on the initiative of Rancilio Cube and open to collaborations and synergies.The stories of nine bright business case-histories, narrated, together with professional writers, by those who have founded them and lead them, and the stories that won a national essay contest for students from Italian schools, called to bring youths closer to the idea of entrepreneurship and its importance.One of the ten stories by the very young writers acts as a common thread, as it's extraordinarily capable of covering all the key elements of best entrepreneurship.After #librosospeso, dedicated to the incredible story of a young independent bookseller, another confirmation of the parnership between Rancilio Cube and dEste, a publishing house oriented towards innovation and attentive to young audiences, with the further contribution of Feduf Foundation for Economic Financial and Savings Education that has promoted and coordinated the literary prize for schools.

Terrace Heroes: The Life and Times of the 1930s Professional Footballer (Sport in the Global Society)

The 1930's saw the birth of the football idol, the 'terrace hero' prototypes for today's powerful media sport stars. The players of the 1930's were the first generation of what we now regard as 'professionals', yet until recently the life and careers of footballers of this generation has been little studied. During 1930's Britain, football became increasingly commercialised, and the rise and development of both local and national media, in particular broadcast media, enabled players to become widely recognised outside of their immediate local context for the first time. Tracing the origins, playing careers and 'afterlives' of several First Division players of the era, Graham Kelly's revealing history explores the reality of living in Britain in the 1930's and draws interesting comparisons with lives of our contemporary 'terrace heroes', the football stars of today.

Suspicious Plants At Walmart

In April 2010 the European Grapevine Moth was discovered in the beautiful rift valley of Ukiah, California. The suspected source was produce trucks left overnight in infested areas of Hopland. At the same time, the powerful story you are about to read was unfolding. Ironically, I wrote this entire story ignorant of the fact that the infestation had already begun.

During that summer I thought I witnessed violations of plant shipment quarantine and inspection requirements. These rules are in place to help slow the spread of non-native invasive fauna and flora. My story suggests the EGVM may have been brought into the Ukiah Valley through this preventable negligence.

This true story is a record of the day to day events as I tried to navigate the maze of protocol and corporate bureaucracy to find answers to my questions.

This has to be true, no one could make this story up. After you read this book you may never see Walmart or their Associates the same way again. I tried to describe people and events as precisely as I saw them, despite the fact that there is always a difference between what we see and what is actually real. Since laughter is perhaps the most important thing in my life, I saturated this book with as much humor as possible. Enjoy these samples from the book:

"OH MY GOD!" An Associate at the next table wailed. "They cut my hours so much, my next paycheck won't be enough to cover my health insurance premium. I'll owe Walmart money for working." She held her face in her hands as the tears streamed out from between her fingers.

I walked into the Outdoor Living Room to find birds pecking holes in the tops of the Ramen noodles and breakfast cereal boxes, again. Bird droppings are sprinkled all over the merchandise to be sold. This can't be a good thing. It would be nice to have indoor storage for a lot of the stuff we sell. Out here everything gets exposed to the elements and the animals.

"How do you think someone does when they get their hours cut in half," she replied as she slammed an item into a cart.

"Oh, no!" the customer gasped. "Look, forget it. This isn't worth the hassle." The customer abandoned her cart and items at Maggie's register and stormed toward me and the door. I conjured up the most sympathetic look I could, and smiled valiantly as the lady approached. She stopped just inches from me, pointed her finger back at Maggie, The Cashier From Hell, and yelled, "THAT WOMAN SUCKS THE LIFE OUT OF YOU!!"

I knew I was sending the fox to watch the hen-house, but I wasn't sure what was happening. I wanted to see if Walmart would do what's right without being told to do so by a government agency. Well, what a surprise; The fox took care of the problem in the hen house. It still amazes me just how naive I was, when I look back on this moment.

As of this writing, five months after we received the EGVM procedure from the County, I have not seen an authorized green waste container, or a plant identification book anywhere.

Here was a Chinese man complaining that he didn't want to buy anything made in China. And every time he complained something was made in China, I felt like saying "But, so were you!"

"ATTENTION ALL ASSOCIATES, we have a Code Adam. It is a little boy wearing blue jeans and a yellow pullover shirt."

"You really are a beautiful man," Creepy Slim said.

Just then, another drug addict came out of the store and walked past me. This addict wears a nice shirt and tie. He is the newest assistant manager Jansen, and he's demonstrating to all the children one of Walmart's best products, the cigarette. He is getting them ready to become lifelong customers. He doesn't have to be teaching kids how to do deadly drugs, there is a secluded room inside the store for smokers. Can't blame him though, the room is disgusting. And, in a true "Cradle to Grave" customer concept, Walmart now sells coffins.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to Plowshares

The Problem of Knowledge in Financial Markets

One of the undoubted highlights of the book 'Professional Investor Rules' is the chapter by Paul Jourdan, AAA-rated fund manager and CEO of Amati Global Investors. A highly pellucid and thought-provoking piece, it takes an unflinching look at what it means to be a successful investor engaged in the "living and strangely intelligent organism" of today's financial markets - the importance of self-knowledge, the vital role of history and stories, and the limits of certainty that every investor must come to terms with.

This eBook exclusively reproduces the chapter as a standalone piece. It remains a striking and provocative piece of essential reading for every investor.

Ten golden rules of equity investing

A distillation of insights from the world of investing into ten succinct rules - a light-hearted eBook with some serious lessons. A must-read for all investors.

75 Things You Should Know About Working in a Call Center: A Fun Look at Life on the Phones

This book is an in-depth look at what it is like to work on the phones in a call center. Fun, revealing and at times, shocking. Marsha tells it like it is to work 8 hours a day with headsets glued to your head.

A Short History of George Soros: From Genius Currency Speculator to Master Philanthropist

This audiobook provides key insights into the "rags to riches" story of George Soros, and his journey to become one of the world's most famous investors. It discusses his investment strategies and his strong passion for philanthropy, and driving social change.

This audiobook details Soros' myriad talents, and his multitude of achievements, including his investment acumen and genius.