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The Royal Family...Boxed Set Edition: The Complete Stories of Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, Princess Diana, Prince William & Kate (The British Royal Family Book 4)

Why Choose This Book?

The British royal family remains one of the most influential institutions in the world today. With roots that lead directly back to William the Conqueror around 1000 years ago, they still wield enormous power and influence. This boxed set edition tells the story of the most important members of the family today.

Reader's Reviews:"A great collection...all the important royals in one volume. Whatever you think about the royal family, they have an amazing story to tell, and you will find all the details here."

"Fascinating accounts of the stories that have been all over the newspapers and the TV news for decades. It is amazing how these people still lead lives that are so different from ours."

What's Inside?

In this boxed set, you get four great books in one absorbing collection:

Princess Diana: The Amazing Life and Tragic Death of The Queen of HeartsPrince Charles Biography: The Life of the Prince of Wales...and Future King of EnglandHer Majesty: The Amazing Life of Elizabeth II, Queen of England William and Kate: The Fairytale Story The Future King and Queen of England

Why Read Now?

The history of the royal family never ceases to amaze. From the pageantry to the paparazzi, these most famous of all people are an important part of their lives. Grab your copy now while you can get all four books in one handy volume.