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Fractal Flames Cotton Candy

Over a hundred sweet, soft and alluring swirls of fluffy clouds of color and texture that tease the taste buds of our imagination and our heart as we journey through mound after mound of beautiful fractal flames.

Photoshop Tutorial - Photograph to Drawing

Sometimes you may have a photograph that perfectly captures the person, but the overall mood of the scene is not quite right for the purpose you want to use it.

Transforming that photograph into a pencil style drawing can be the perfect way to soften the image and lessen the background distractions.

In this class you will learn exactly that, how to take an existing photograph and through a number of guided steps, transform it into a timeless hand drawn pencil drawing.

French Humorous Illustrator: Albert Guillaume

Albert Guillaume (February 14, 1873 - August 10, 1942,) - French artist, cartoonist, illustrator. The master of a modern poster. He is famous for his posters of French life.

The influence on his work was rendered by Jules Shere, who stood at the origins of a modern poster, often called the "father of a modern poster". His works are valuable, primarily as an illustration of the life of the French during the Beautiful Age, the golden age in Europe, which lasted from the end of the XIX century to the First World War.

He created a number of theatrical posters, advertising posters and shields.

He also gained popularity thanks to satirical drawings and cartoons published in Parisian humor magazines such as Le Figaro Illustre, Gil Blas, Le Rire, L'Assiette au Beurre, etc. As a result of the publication of these magazines, Parisians began to acquire an increased propensity for art, culture and politics.

In his works, Guillaume ridiculed the weaknesses and shortcomings of French society, corruption and abuse.

Today the posters of Albert Guillaume remain popular, especially as decorations for restaurants and bars.

Are You Just Braaaiiinnnsss or Something More?: A Pre-release Sample Chapter from The Walking Dead and Philosophy: v. 1

In Are You Just Braaaiiinnnsss or Something More?, British Columbia-based philosopher Gordon Hawkes compares the zombies of The Walking Dead with the zombies philosophers argue about. Debate about whether zombies could possibly exist has been a hot topic in philosophy of mind over the last thirty years, though as Hawkes points out, these are not quite the same as the walkers in Robert Kirkman's epic tale. Philosophical zombies, or P-zombies for short, are beings who look and behave exactly like humans but have no inner mental life?no consciousness. Philosophers have lined up on both sides of this disputed proposition, and no agreement is yet in sight. A related question is how much consciousness is possessed by the walkers of The Walking Dead, and whether these shambling walkers are entitled to any moral consideration. Hawkes's piece is one of twenty chapters in The Walking Dead and Philosophy, edited by Wayne Yuen, in which philosophers draw fascinating and disturbing conclusions from The Walking Dead comics and TV show. The Walking Dead and Philosophy explores not only the nature of zombies, but the nature of human society as revealed by the impact of a zombie apocalypse.

Street Arts Around The World: large size Photo books, photo books nature, photo books adults, photo books children (Nature photo book Book 2)

124 images for the variety of Street Arts that you may enjoy.

Also suitable for children learning and education.

Life and nature that you will never miss.

Have fun with full-size images and full color.

Seniors may also enjoy the photo books.

Photo books can be a wonderful gift option. It is affordable and can be personalized to a great extent.

The Best Portraits in Engraving

The Harbours Of England

Model Michael Phelps by Michael Taggart Photography

Michael Taggart is a photographer and artist who has developed a unique style of combining studio models and PhotoShop fantasy worlds.

This blending of of man and digital art allows the images to tell stories, evoke emotions and memories and allows the reader to slip into a vivid and fantastical world.

"Models" follows his work with the model, Michael Phelps, and includes several alternate crops of the best pictures, before and after examples, as well as shots directly from the studio.

Michael Taggart also gives his thoughts on the photo shoot with his models and comments on his artwork.

The Modern Carpet Loom: A Short on the Artisan in the Kashmir Carpet Industry

The younger generations in artisanal communities in Kashmir are opting to branch away from the craft of carpet-making and instead choose to work in factories and IT companies. Unless steps are taken to elevate the status and wages of artisans, countries like India will grapple with a marked shortage of labour in the primarily export-oriented handicraft sector which receives substantial assistance from the government.