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Secrets Book Launch Journey to the Ultimate Success: Links included (Secrets of Success Book 1)

I am wondering if there is a university of life? ~ that prepares you for success?

How do you handle the best-seller's attitude or being?

There is a lot of information about how to work hard to get there, how to prioritize

your life over social activities to succeed in life.

There is, however, nothing about what happens once you reach your target.

I am now where I was scheduled to be six months ago.

Do you have issues to find a way to launch your book successfully?

Get your copy and start your successful journey to the ultimate success!

The author shares here some valuable secrets for you ultimate book launch success.

Today's virtual world permits writers to interface with their gathering of people while never going out; virtual correspondence can't supplant the physical experience of offering your book and learning to a room loaded with certain individuals at a bookmarking.

Useful book signings drive informal, move books, manufactured your validity and stage as a writer, speaker, and master in your field and permit you to get a genuine life feeling of your gathering of people.

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Tattoo Coloring Book

Tattoos are beautiful art pieces that must be done correctly on the skin. You can prepare the best i....

Gelli Fun for Kids (No Wrong Art Book 2)

If you're a kid between the ages of 8 and 98, who already enjoys using a gelli plate for mixed-media art -- or would like to try -- than this book will inspire you with fresh ideas and encourage you to experiment with new tools and techniques.

--> View sample pics from the book at:

Have you tried using craft rubber bands in your prints yet? Would you like to see examples of different types of paint you can use with your gel plate -- how they perform outside their bottles, pots, and tubes? How about making a yarn feather (instructions included and E-A-S-Y!) and using it in your prints, then saving its painted beauty for other art projects?

Over 70 color photographs and digital scans show details of the author's kid-friendly gelli art world, from tools and first layers through finished pieces that feature family pets and other fun.

Combined with its companion book, Gelli Fun -- Making and Using a Gel Plate for Mixed Media Art, Gelli Fun for Kids makes a perfect springboard for gel plate art -- a great gift for the adventurous creative, or for those who are getting a little bored in their art space and want to try something new and exciting.

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