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Grempk: Picturepoetry and Graphic Art of Gary Revel

Graphic art, digital images, illustrations and picture poetry. Realism, surrealism, abstraction, modern, postmodern and fantasy merge in this window on the world, space and time by Gary Revel.

The Beginner's Guide to the Role of Education Officer: In a Museum (Life at a Museum Book 2)

This book looks at the role of Education Officer in a museum. Whilst an Education Officer can focus on all age groups, for the purposes of this book the author examines the Education Officer's role in relation to young people.

The book covers various aspects. It starts with the aims of the Education Officer and the nature of his or her knowledge, experience, skills and attributes.

The various types of locations where Education Officers work are noted. These are not all museums, but they can provide inspiration for an education officer in a museum.

The Education Officer needs to come up with ideas, and various possibilities are outlined. Also, the ways in which activities could be organised, for instance the order of the activities, are noted.

The different kinds of help that an Education Officer could make available to teachers are explored. Also, the different types of groups that an Education Officer might be dealing with, and the needs of such groups, are outlined.

There are descriptions of different types of material that an Education Officer might research and write, in particular fact sheets and worksheets.There are descriptions too of activities that an Education Officer could organise, and possibly run, such as tours and storytelling sessions. There is a section as well on the types of objects the Education Officer should focus on in a collection, when creating resources and activities for young people.

Practicalities, such as the ways in which bookings can be made, are explored too.

The book provides a general, straightforward introduction to the role of the Education Officer in a museum.