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Ancient Lamps in the J Paul Getty Museum

Frederic Remington Artist of the West, A Picture Biography

As a young boy growing up in foothills of New York, Frederic Remington always loved to draw. Remy loved the wild West and all the action that could be found there: horses running wild, men fighting battles and hunters overtaking their prey. Before living the life of a real artist though, Remy had to first learn to contend with real life problems. His father died much too soon leaving the family short of money. He missed his Yale University friends and football team mates, but could not return to school because his father's death left the family in financial ruin. His mother insisted that he work in an office as a businessman, but Frederic just could not adjust to the confines of an office. Would he ever have a chance to become a real artist? Follow his life story as Frederic Remington finally follows his dream at the age of 21 and heads out west. During his life Remy learns to be a sheep rancher, a cowboy, a war correspondent, a magazine illustrator and an artist and has many adventures along the way. Find out more by reading this young adult biography.


A beautiful selection of 25 images from the the work of Flemish baroque artist Peter Paul Rubens

A visual introduction suitable for all ages to his style of work including paintings and drawings

This edition is without captions allowing a pure focus on the visual material.

Da Vinci's REAL Hidden Secrets: The 'Frescoes of Fulnek': Abridged Roundtable Booklet Series

This booklet is a stunning exploration of Leonardo Da Vinci's secret number '26' in relation to the many fabulous frescoes of the "Fulnek Cathedral' (Most Holy Trinity), a 13th century Fulnek church which had been updated in the 1700's. This is one of the first books in that it only covers the number '26.' Please see the 'Enigmatic' books to explore the latter discovered secrets like rebus picture words. This enthralling spellbinder traces this hidden number '26' all over these amazing frescoes. Without a doubt, the number '26' is the most prolific and profound statement ever uttered by man, its use unmatched and unprecedented in our history. Most astoundingly, this booklet illustrates how the hidden number '26' is deeply embedded in our most famous masterpieces. Read it today.

BOLO 2: Dreams are indispensable

BOLO 2 - This is the main editorial project of BOLO Paper. BOLO 2 includes the work of 45 contributors from all over the world. The main theme of the first issue is: "Dreams are indispensable". In this publication photos, artworks, graphics, collages and small text are all combined together.

BOLO 2 - Questo e il progetto editoriale di punta di BOLO Paper. BOLO 2 include i lavori di 45 collaboratori esterni provenienti da tutto il mondo. Il tema conduttore del primo numero e: "Dreams are indispensable". In questo magazine si trovano foto, grafiche, collage e piccoli testi combinati insieme.

Larissa Haily Aguado,Rico Greb, Beth Hoeckel,Alana Paterson, Paul Boardman, Emma Dajska, Jorge Chamorro, Ana Himes, Laura Makabresku, Noah and Nathan Rice, Marcos Martinez Perez, Piero Zagami, Bill Noir, Hort, Ettore Cavaliere, Fanny Giordano, Walter Santomauro, Wasted Rita, Sasha Kurmaz, Giacomo Bagnara, Christian Goran, Pietro Mazza, Alice Voosen, Renzo Razzetto, Julie LaBulle, Angela Casserly, Christina Mitrentse, Claire Duport, Johan Bjorkegren, Ian Addison Hall, Tadas Karpavicius, Emidio Bernardone, Monocromo, Elena Ovecina, Jesse Treece, Gemma Correll, David Cristobal, Irina and Silviu Szekeli, ego_tek, Kieran Sperring, Robert Colquhoun, Geoffrey Kayser, Victor Cobo, Lucy Driscoll, Matteo Perazzoli

UnRecordists: Manifesto

Das erste UnRecordistische Manifest veroffentlich 2009 von Jaan Patterson (suRRism). Mitglieder sind z.B. William Davison (Recordism, Grunder von The Recordists), Acedia Nuit (suRRism), Eternal Holy Youth, Murmurists, Lee Kwo Olchar E. Lindsann, Matina L. Stamatakis, Zaph Arz, Iryna Harpy and Robert Chrysler R.I.P..

Paola Scibilia Italy

Biography of Paola Scibilia

Twenty-Four Andy Warhol's Paintings (Collection) for Kids

Have you ever wanted to enrich your child with the arts and humanities?


Have you ever wanted to decorate your child's room with great paintings from one of your favorite painters?

Well, you can start with Andy Warhol's Paintings.

Twenty-Four Andy Warhol's Paintings for Kids

There are colorful, youthful, and inspirational.