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The Art of Typewriting

Here is an authoritative and beautiful overview of the graphic art produced by artists, illustrators and writers who have used the typewriter as a tool and a medium. Marvin and Ruth Sackner mine the superlative collection they have created over four decades to present over 600 examples produced by more than 60 of the world's finest contributors to the genre. From early ornamental works produced by secretaries in the late 19th century to more recent works that consider the uniqueness of the typewritten document in the digital age, there is an astonishing and delightful range of creativity in every artwork. The publication features three main sections: an introduction to the history of the typewriter and its art; an expansive plate section showing key works, thematized and rendered in exquisite detail; and a reference section featuring biographies of the most influential artists and writers. Each book has a cover with a unique combination of front and back image, meaning no two books are the same. This is a once-in-a-generation publication, carefully curated through decades of first-hand experience to inspire a new wave of designers and artists for the future.

Sewing (5th Edition): Sewing For Beginners - Quick & Easy Way To Learn How To Sew With 50 Patterns for Beginners!

Sewing: Discover the BEST Way to Learn How to Sew - BONUS: Includes 50 Quick & Easy Patterns for Beginners! FREE BONUS FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY: If you download this book TODAY, you will receive a FREE DOWNLOAD of Kitty Moore's best selling book, 100 Ultimate Crafts for a Rainy Day! You will ALSO get FREE ACCESS to Kitty's Premium Image Gallery, which contains images of all the crafts featured in ALL of her books! The free access links are inside the book. From the Best Selling Arts & Crafts Writer, Kitty Moore, comes Sewing: Sewing For Beginners (5th Edition) - Quick & Easy Way To Learn How To Sew With 50 Patterns for Beginners!. This book will teach you the beginners techniques to sewing, with quick and easy beginners instructions. Along with 50 beginners' patterns! If you want to learn how to sew, but can't seem to grasp the basics... If you want a new hobby and sewing interests you... Or if the idea of receiving a full list of sewing instructions and patterns appeals to you... THEN THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU! This book provides you with a step-by-step beginners sewing guide to help you get started with your new hobby. This is also my 5th Edition of the book - after months of feedback and editing, my team and I have produced the MOST EFFECTIVE & BEST-SELLING Beginners Sewing book on Amazon! Some of the information provided in this sewing guide include: Learning About Your Sewing Machine Learn Parts Of Your Machine The Power Switch The Spool Pin The Thread Guide The Bobbin Winder The Stitch Adjustment The Thread Take-Up Lever The Tension Dial The Needle Clamp Screw The Presser Foot The Presser Foot Lever The Needle Plate The Feed Dog The Bobbin Cover And Bobbin Release Setting Up your Machine Sewing With Your Machine Sewing A Straight Stitch Sewing A Seam Sewing A Sharp Corner Selecting A Pattern Measuring & Cutting Out Material Lets Start Sewing! Baby Blanket Gardening Apron Kitchen Towel Head Scarf Simple Contrasting Tablecloth Easy As Pie Coin Purse Silk Handkerchief

CAPSULE WARDROBE: The Ultimate Guide to Discovering Your Personal Style and Creating Your Dream Closet (Style Secrets, Confident Closet, Simple Elegance, Personal Style, Fashion and Beauty)


Do you always find yourself having nothing to wear, even though your closet is overflowing?What if the solution is to get rid most of it?

Remove everything and keep only a handful. This handful can be enough to keep you looking chic at any time with very little effort.How? Is that even possible?Yes. It's called a capsule wardrobe.

A capsule wardrobe is a streamlined, curated wardrobe. It contains things you can wear at any given day. It makes styling and dressing each day easier. You may have fewer pieces, but each piece is sure to fit well, complement your style and comfortable to wear.

Your step-by-step guide

This book will guide you through everything you need to know about the capsule wardrobe.

You will learn:Reasons why a packed closet is not the answer to looking trendyHow to define your personal styleHow to look professional but not boringHow to determine how many pieces to keep in your closetWhat should you keep in your closetHow to remove clutter from your closetHow to organize your new capsule wardrobeHow to make the capsule wardrobe work for you+ FREE BONUS CHAPTER (Common capsule wardrobe mistakes)Much more...Are you ready for an effortlessly fashionable life? Simplify your wardrobe today!

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Knitting for Beginners: The Ultimate Knitting Patterns and Stitches How To Guide

Your Guide To KnittingKnitting is a fun hobby that allows you to create fabrics for all sorts of projects like clothing, scarves and even beanie hats. Creating many projects through knitting can be a challenging thing to do not only because this hobby does not only require time and patience but it also requires one to learn a lot of techniques to be able to create different projects.

If you want to learn how to knit, it is important that you arm yourself with the right knowledge and skills thus this is where this book comes in handy. With this book, you will be able to do the following:

Learn the basics of knitting. Chapter 1 will discuss about the basic information that you need to learn before you can start knitting. This chapter will include discussions about the types of knitted fabrics and knitting abbreviations so that whenever you read knitting instructions, you will be able to easily follow them.Learn about the tools and materials that you need in order to start knitting. Chapter 2 will discuss about what you need to look for when choosing the right kinds of yarns. Moreover, this chapter will also discuss about the different types of knitting needles that you need to have.Lastly, Chapter 3 will discuss about the different knitting techniques that you need to learn in order to create the basic stockinette stitch. This chapter will also discuss techniques about how you can fix mistakes when knitting. This chapter will provide whatever it is that you need to know to make your knitted fabric from scratch.Knitting is definitely easy as long as you have the right guide. As soon as you learn the techniques, you will be able to create interesting items out of your creativity.

With this book, you will be able to make creative items out of yarn.

FRENCH CHIC: The Ultimate Guide to French Style, Fashion and Beauty (French Chic, Fashion and Beauty, Minimalist Living, French Fashion, Style Secrets, Parisian Chic)


"Simplicity is the key note of all elegance" - COCO CHANEL

When you think of Paris and France, what's the first thing that comes to mind? Of course, you'll have the city's eternal landmark, the cafes, the cobblestone streets, and the fashion.

The French style itself isn't just in the clothes they wear. It's an entire lifestyle. One that other women can certainly benefit from.

Your step-by-step guide

This book is a guide to create your own unique fashion signature.

You'll discover how easy it is to look gorgeous and, most important, feel confident and beautiful.

We'll uncover the secrets of French style fashion and fashion.

In this book, you will learn:What Defines French Style and BeautyLiving a Chic LifestyleParisian Chic 101Building a Personal LookFabrics and Colors for Achieving Low-key EleganceParisian Hair and Make-Up TipsChoosing the Final Pieces for Your Wardrobe

+ FREE BONUS CHAPTER (How to Shop: The French Way)Much more...

Are you ready to revamp your style and your closet for an effortlessly fashionable look?

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Feng Shui: Upgrade your home

An easy to read and complete guide to start Feng Shui today.

Learn everything you need to know about using Feng Shui in your home and office to bring balance and harmony into your life.

In 60 minutes you will know the:

o Feng Shui Basics necessary to start

o Ba Gua and how to use it

o Different colors and their meanings

o 5 Feng Shui Elements

o Constructive & Destructive Cycle

o Principles of Feng Shui in order to enhance your love life, business and wellbeing

143 Visuals To Inspire You to Take Action

A collection of 143 illustrations, doodles and sketchnotes from over 50 contributors from all over the world brought together in one place.

Set aside half an hour, put on the kettle and prepare to be inspired.

10 Step Guide to Making Money Repurposing Furniture: Success Checklist

If you like refinishing, re-purposing and painting furniture and home decor and want to make a living doing it, this guide will get you started the right way. This simple checklist will tell you what you need to put in place to have the best chance at success.

I used this checklist from day one and it was the foundation I put in place that skyrocketed my income from zero as a new store to over$100K my first year. I reveal EXACTLY how I did this in my book "How I Went From Zero to Over $100K in Sales My First Year Repurposing Furniture" that you can get right here on Amazon. I did this quietly while starting out with a brand new Facebook page, no customer base, no Instagram and no Pinterest page at the time. If I can do this, you can too!

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Do what you love and make a living doing it! Don't wait! Take action now! Your future is here!

Altro Evo Art Book Illustrations: Digital Painting: Sword and Sorcery Fantasy ArtBook on the Day of the Dragon (Fantasy Action Series from Altro Evo)

"The Day of the Dragon" is the first adventure of "Altro Evo" series, fantasy tales of Sword and Sorcery, adventurous and self-contained.

This fantasy tale inspired a small series of digital illustrations and a journey in the imagination, in the digital painting and storytelling.

This ebook is the story of the illustrations made for "The Day of the Dragon".

First Chapter of the "The Day of the Dragon" is included.


Find more content and illustrations on

Episodes of Altro Evo are:

* "The Day of the Dragon"

* "Kafra the Magnificent"

* "Ugly as Death"

Altro Evo is a series of adventures in an alternate fantasy world (some sort of Sword & Sorcery magic-punk).

Every ebook has a different hero, the story is independent but closely connected to the other episodes. All events take place over the same day, within the walls of the same old city, like a jigsaw puzzle.

The series can be read in any order and each one is a self-contained ebook.

Magic of Colors

Inspiration for this book was the Colombian fashion designer Adriana Santacruz, who was chosen to be Colombian fashion Ambassadeur and is representing her country at the Paris Fashion Week 2014.

Her thoughts and philosophy of creation of the new design and preservation of good old traditions, followed by the photos of D.A.Stauer wearing Adriana Santacruz Pret-a-porter and haute-couture collection garments at Design Week events and performances, appear in the special chapters of the book "Magic of Colors & the Visual Art of Adriana Santacruz".

Perfect Book Covers: Professional advice for indie writers to design your own book cover. A cover that will tell your book's story and values at a glance.

Seven tips to design your book cover as a professional

I invite you to follow a little exercise. Think about your book. Try to understand the general idea and the emotions it conveys.

Only in four words. Okay; six words... No more than a sentence, please.

Got it?

Congratulations! You just created the basis for designing your perfect cover.

This book has a very simple goal. I'll try, through simple tips, to give you the support you need so your book cover can reach several readers; even if you decide to design it by yourself or hire a professional.

My intention is to help authors who self-publish their works to improve the presentation quality of their books.

Information is power and this book gives you all the information you need to make your covers look professional so they sell more.

Diary of my Happy Moments

"Diary of my Happy Moments" is a unique book, that combines beauty, fashion, and emotions of very positive energy. It will share with you little secrets of style, health and beauty, told by the testimonial of "Souza Weich" Bags, D.A. Stauer.

The creation of the book was inspired by the idea of digital communication by images showing a modern lady, who tells about her flashes of quotidien happy moments.

BOLO 1: Stars are indispensable

BOLO 1 - This is the main editorial project of BOLO Paper. BOLO 1 includes the work of 45 contributors from all over the world. The main theme of the first issue is: "Stars are indispensable". In this publication photos, artworks, graphics, collages and small text are all combined together.

BOLO 1 - Questo e il progetto editoriale di punta di BOLO Paper. BOLO 1 include i lavori di 45 collaboratori esterni provenienti da tutto il mondo. Il tema conduttore del primo numero e: "Stars are indispensable". In questo magazine si trovano foto, grafiche, collage e piccoli testi combinati insieme.

Marco Nicotra, Fefe Talavera, Alexander Egger, Julia Pott, John Schuh, Ego_tek, Michael C. Hsiung, Jacqueline Bos, Michael Rotondi, El Reino de la Sandia, Renzo Razzetto, Hannah Stouffer, Anthony Zinonos, Smyk, Laura Guarie, Felicity Byrne, {ths}, Keiki, Chateau-vacant, Christopher Berry, Matias Chilo, Jacob Rolfe, Eleonora Marton, Neill Kidgell, Geoffrey Kayser, Tim Manthey, Jesse Draxler, Gabriela Butti, Miktor & Molf, Lee Gainer, Lyndsey Lee Deyner, Rob Pybus, Guilherme Lepca, Cat Lauigan, inserirefloppino, Tadas Karpavicius, La Tigre, Rico Greb, Katty Bouthier, Tommaso Dell'Anna, Phaedra Longhurst, Stefania Lusini, Quirico Tursi, Julie LaBulle, Kelsey Sloop, Ruben B.